Save time and money by getting paid in bitcoin

This walk-through covers how you can use bitcoin, as a contractor, to get paid faster and lower fees on both ends. The intended audience is contractors and service providers who have clients

Using bitcoin as a cash backup when travelling

Even the smartest traveller can lose their cards or have them blocked or stolen. Traveller’s cheques are an option but they are hard to get and use, and the fees are massive.

John’s work experience rundown

John joined us for work experience in one of CoinJar’s most hectic weeks for 2014. Here’s what he had to say about it… My name is John Strentz, a 17

Accepting bitcoin with CoinJar

So you’ve decided to start accepting bitcoin, or maybe you’re thinking about it but you’re not sure where to begin… This guide will take you through your options and explain

Stealth Addresses – What are they and do I need one?

The Bitcoin protocol is amazing. Not just because you can move millions of dollars for 10c, but because its very open source nature means smart folk all over the world

Bitcoin 101 – Lesson 1 – Wallets

Knowledge is power, and knowing how to effectively manage your wallets gives you the power to be your own bank. We recommend storing your ‘long term’ bitcoins offline, in a