Bitcoin Dominant

PayPal has announced that it’s going to start selling crypto. Let’s not mince words here: this is freaking huge. Over the nine years that I’ve been watching, talking about and


On the Margins

The founders of BitMEX have been charged with money laundering. Here’s what that says about the state of the crypto market. If crypto during the 2017 bull run was the

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Learn how CoinJar is improving liquidity to bring you better prices

Now with 289 trading pairs available on CoinJar and 49 on CoinJar Exchange, and with new cryptocurrencies recently being listed including LINK, COMP, MKR, OMG and XLM, it’s more important

All-new Trading Pairs on CoinJar Exchange!

We have added four new ERC-20 tokens to our lineup and are now excited to announce the addition of the following new trading pairs to CoinJar Exchange:  XLM/AUD, LINK/AUD, MKR/AUD,

Introducing DeFi & ERC-20 CoinJar Bundles!

Following the announcement of four new ERC-20 tokens to the CoinJar lineup, we have also created new CoinJar Bundles to help you diversify your ERC-20 portfolio. From today, the following


New ERC-20 tokens now available for trading on CoinJar! We’re excited to welcome the following ERC-20 tokens COMP, LINK, MKR and OMG to the CoinJar lineup! From today, DeFi tokens:

Buying the Bitcoin Bubble

We’ve always been told to stay away from bubbles. But in crypto a good bubble is just part of the process. When I first got into crypto, the one thing

CoinJar Bundles

Introducing CoinJar Bundles

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of CoinJar Bundles –  a new way of diversifying your cryptocurrency investments. What are CoinJar Bundles? CoinJar Bundles are collections of popular digital

All Bundled Up

Variety is the spice of life. In crypto, it’s also a handy way of ensuring that you don’t get rekt. As a field, crypto can be remarkably tribal. Bitcoin maximalists,

CoinJar now supports instant bank withdrawals!

We are extremely excited to announce that Australian dollar withdrawals from CoinJar will now arrive within minutes thanks to the New Payments Platform (NPP). We hope this new addition will

Stellar lumens (XLM) are now available for trading on CoinJar!

We’re excited to welcome XLM to the CoinJar lineup! From today, XLM is now available to buy and sell through the CoinJar platform, joining our already stellar line up of