Crypto Tax Australia in 2020: Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve engaged in any sort of cryptocurrency transaction over the last year, it’s highly likely that you’re going to have to report it in your tax return. Transactions include,

Taxing Times

The ATO are sending out letters to 350,000 people demanding they pay their crypto taxes. Here’s how to keep on the straight and narrow. Take a look at the BitcoinAUS

It’s… Stock Season?

Penny stocks going 5x, bankrupt companies pumping 700% – why is the share market acting like crypto in 2017? For the better part of two months now, bitcoin has been

CoinJar fee reduction and feature update

Dynamic BTC fee CoinJar has introduced an all-new dynamic fee for all outgoing BTC transactions to replace the existing 0.0005 BTC flat fee. As a result, CoinJar users should expect

CoinJar Exchange fees are being reduced from today!

This means 30-day volume tiers below $1m for users in Australia and £600,000 for users in the UK will benefit from our new reduced fees. Taker fees will be lowered

CoinJar and CoinTracker, partners for easier tax reporting

Let’s face it, crypto tax reporting is a pain. You might have even stopped trading altogether now that you have to spend extra effort to keep your records up to

Bitcoin for the People

Remember when your friends used to ask you about bitcoin? Those days might be back sooner than you think. If you were around during the 2017 crypto bubble, you probably

Ready for Adoption

One of the world’s leading investors just went long on bitcoin. The drumbeat of adoption keeps getting louder. Unless you’re deep in the investment banking scene, it’s unlikely that the

The Sacrificial Half

The bitcoin halvening is HERE. We take you through the ins and outs of bitcoin’s biggest event. At 5.23 am (AEST) this morning a seismic shift occurred: the amount of

Start trading in GBP on CoinJar

We are incredibly excited to announce that CoinJar is now welcoming back members in the United Kingdom! You can sign in or open a CoinJar, complete ID verification and begin

0% fees for stablecoin trades

We are celebrating 7 years, with 7 days of 0% fees for stablecoin trades. This week CoinJar turns seven! To celebrate, over the next seven days CoinJar members can enjoy