• Five Commandments For Those New To Bitcoin

    · Community, Opinion, Security, Support

    Given the year Bitcoin has had, it’s no surprise there’s been a whole lot more interest since it first started. Eight years ago, no one even really knew what cryptocurrency was. You can’t avoid someone mentioning Bitcoin at the pub or dare we say it, your family’s annual Christmas BBQ. So, if you’ve just decided… Read More

  • A new version of CoinJar Touch

    · Announcements, Company

    We’re proud to bring you a new version of CoinJar Touch! We’ve taken the most requested app features to make using your CoinJar a more seamless digital currency experience. The update is available on the App Store for iOS users. Android users are not far behind and will be receiving the update in the near future.… Read More

  • Top 5 CoinJar FAQs for 2017

    · Support

    CoinJar receives a large number of questions everyday from new and seasoned users of digital currency. In this post, we break down the Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions which will hopefully save you some time looking up the answers on our Knowledge Base. Why does it take so long to get verified / receive reply to… Read More

  • Bitcoin transaction confirmation time and fees

    · Announcements

    The landscape for Bitcoin continues to intrigue and be unpredictable. This is especially true when it comes to Bitcoin transaction confirmation time and fees. We’ve had a lot of feedback over these past months as transactions sometimes have not been as close to instant (~10 mins) as one may have hoped when sending payments over… Read More

  • How To Receive A Holiday Season Reward

    · Announcements, CoinJar Rewards

    There are some things that are part and parcel of the Australian holiday season: barbeques, hot weather (unless you’re in Melbourne), and bank delays. If you’re looking to make an instant CoinJar deposit over the festive period, you can visit one of over 1200 local newsagents to do this. Full instructions on how to make a… Read More

  • Brave Browser Review

    · Pay With BTC, Product Review

      Brave is an adventurous attempt at a new web browser, one which focuses on rethinking the overall advertising model of the internet. As of October 2016, Google’s Chrome browser continues to be the most popular choice with over half (63%) the usage share of all browsers. Although Chrome is freeware (as is Brave), it is developed by Google… Read More

  • Hardware Wallet – Ledger Nano Review

    · Product Review

    The most common way to store and interface with the Bitcoin network is either by using software running locally on your computer or provided by a web service like CoinJar. Web-based bitcoin clients allow for greater flexibility around multiple devices and locations, and may come bundled with additional features such as customer support, digital currency exchange or even… Read More

  • Updated: Bank account deposits using POLi

    · Announcements

    POLi deposits have proven to be a useful ‘Quick Deposit’ mechanism since we introduced it late last year. We have had many requests to extend the number of banks we support for POLi deposits and also to increase limits for instant deposits. Verified Australian CoinJar users can now make bank account deposits of $2,500 and under instantly using POLi. Transfers above $2,500 will… Read More

  • Introducing CoinJar Rewards (and celebrating three years!)

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      It’s CoinJar’s third birthday, and we’re giving back with CoinJar Rewards – our loyalty program designed to reward CoinJar members for using our services. From making a bitcoin conversion, to spending money with CoinJar Swipe, users will now enjoy real-time points for engaging with the CoinJar platform. CoinJar Rewards joins our family together with financial technology products that have seen over 70,000… Read More