Oils Ain’t Oils

Oil prices are literally through the floor and it’s making crypto look like an oasis of stability. On April 20 you could, for a brief moment, get paid US$40 for

May the Half Be With You

On May 12 the bitcoin mining reward rate will halve. The only guarantee is that turbulence is on its way. In the crypto universe, no event comes saddled with more

The Decoupling

The coronavirus is pushing the global financial system to the absolute brink. Will this be Bitcoin’s moment? I think it’s fair to say that we’ll always remember March 2020. It

Coronal Mass Ejection

In the space of 24 shocking hours, bitcoin’s price plunged by 50% – and then rebounded by 50%. The black swan has well and truly arrived. When I finished the

A Case of Corona

Corona is spreading and the markets are freaking out. What does it mean for bitcoin? It’s fair to say that right now the world is losing its collective mind over

It’s Alt Season?

Coins soaring 50% in a single hour. Tokens going 3x. Could it actually be *gasp* alt season? Say the words “alt season” in front of anyone who’s been trading crypto

A Cautionary Tale

Hacks, exit scams and insolvency, oh my. So, how safe is your crypto? Even by the sometimes surreal standards of crypto, the news this week that creditors for bankrupt Canadian

2020 Crypto Resolutions

We reckon 2020 is going to be a huge year for crypto. Here are three ideas to help you make the most of it. Ah, the New Year. A time

2020 Vision

Behold: the trends and tropes that (we think) are going to shape crypto in 2020. I suspect that in retrospect 2019 will be viewed as a year of false promise

A Very Crypto Christmas

Beer, barbie and a captive audience – there’s no better time of year to get chatting about crypto. Here’s how to broach the subject. You know it’s coming. There you