Ten top CoinJar blog reads in 2023

Ten top CoinJar blog reads in 2023

As we bid farewell to another year in crypto, here are ten headlines from your most read posts on the CoinJar blog. Not limited to company announcements and notable awards, there have been newsworthy reads that shaped the crypto narrative as the industry matured. At CoinJar, we've certainly been busy BUIDLing and improving our service as we gear up for the year ahead.

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10 Years of CoinJar and the launch of CoinJar Learn
Today, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of CoinJar, an event that marks a decade of innovation, growth, and educating the community.
The King Is Dead
The Sam Bankman-Fried trial sounds the long overdue death rattle of crypto 1.0. What a difference a year makes. Seeing him now slouching to court in an ill-fitting suit and oversized tie like a fidgety 10-year-old being dragged along to church, all you can do is wonder why we didn’t see it before.
CoinJar won the Digital Currency Exchange of the Year Award at The Blockies presented by Blockchain Australia
This award is given to an exchange that successfully provides a user-friendly, secure, and innovative platform, aligning with our continuous efforts to enhance our services.
Crypto: East v West
As regulators around the world scramble to work crypto out, some familiar divides are re-emerging.
Advanced TradingView charts to CoinJar Exchange!
Now, you can harness the full power of advanced trading right on CoinJar Exchange. Whether you’re assessing crypto market movements or delving into historical trends, the new features offer an expanded perspective. You’ll be able to visualize market dynamics with an accessible real-time order book,…
CoinJar wins Best for Value in Finder’s Crypto Trading Platform Awards
CoinJar continues to lead the market with a great value product that doesn’t compromise on quality. This year CoinJar was named the Best Exchange for Value in the UK as part of Finder’s Crypto Trading Platform Awards.
Crypto exchanges vs Brokers - The Key Differences
Learn about the key differences between crypto brokers and exchanges and which one might suit your needs.
Top 3 Answers that CoinJar Customers Got Wrong in the Scam Awareness Quiz
For the end of Scams Awareness Week, we’re reviewing the quiz results and the top 3 questions on the quiz that tripped up even the most scam-savvy of participants.
Follow the latest prices and track your favourites
We’re thrilled to announce new features available on CoinJar mobile apps to help you track and manage your crypto investments more effectively.
RWAs, or how crypto is coming full circle
Real-World-Assets are the latest and greatest in crypto, as they promise to usher in the age of financial institutions adopting crypto for real.

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