In the run up to the launch of Swipe, CoinJar’s new EFTPOS card, this week we asked the public, “What would you use bitcoin for if you could spend it anywhere?”. There was great response, so thanks to everyone on the feedback. We’ve chosen the best response from the pack and will be giving that person a brand new LIFX smartphone controlled, colour changing lightbulb ($130.00 at Harvey Norman or

Before we reveal the winner there were some honourable mentions. Let’s start with Facebook.

What would you buy if you could spend your bitcoin anywhere? #CoinJarDNA

Posted by CoinJar on Monday, 28 July 2014

Ben wrote:

“Would use my #CoinJarDNA to pay off some of my HECS debt. Would be incredibly amazing to pay the ATO in bitcoins.”

Matt, not content with bitcoin space flights via Virgin Galactic, is looking to take things further:

“Go to the moon!”

The most Australian one so far, from Benjamin, reads:

I think I’d go simple – just use my #CoinJarDNA card to buy a sausage roll, sauce and an iced coffee for lunch.

Then things started to get weird:

From Sean:

I would buy a fire wielding tiger.

and from Harrison:

I would use my card to get rainbow laser hand surgery so I can shoot rainbows while riding my unicorn that I also purchased with bitcoins. I’d also buy a lightsaber and my own personal ninja to fight my foes. Either all that or coffee.

Sounds like there’s going to be some pretty crazy purchases with the CoinJar Swipe.

This is how we imagine the CoinJar user base after #CoinJarDNA

Let’s take a look at some of the tweets. CoinJar advocates responsible doge ownership.

Melbourne Tiger’s basketball star Auryn Macmillan seems to be sold.

Anthony, may the force be with you on your mission. I trust getting new Lego will be awesome.

CoinJarDNA – Finally, a way to bypass capital controls imposed by my fiancé. I hope Myer has the Lego Star Destroyer in stock…
— Anthony Brcan (@AnthonyBrcan) July 29, 2014

Chris, we know the feeling.

The winning submission actually came in via email, and tickled our social responsibility bone.

Liam, a scientist and bitcoin miner, wrote:

G’day CoinJar team,
I’ll probably use #CoinJarDNA to access my mining revenue so that I can go to a conference on renewable energy. I also looking to encourage my university to allow us to receive BTC as donations for our research.
Also my research group’s website is

We can’t imagine anything more awesome than bitcoins mined straight from the sun.  As a result, we’re sending Liam a brand spanking new LIFX so that his next renewable energy fuelled lightbulb moment will be multicoloured and wifi enabled!

We had tonnes of awesome submissions which tells us that the first one hundred Swipe cards are going into the right hands.

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