Offchain: Stop being a Degen; become a Regen

Offchain: Stop being a Degen; become a Regen

What ReFi is all about, and how regens want to make the world a better place.

Maybe you spent the Easter holidays talking to your non-web3 friends about crypto. Chances are they:

  • told you to stop talking about it
  • asked why it was that their acquaintance lost a lot of money in it or
  • dismissed it as something boiling the oceans and worth banning altogether.

I'm not saying you should ruin people's holiday experience by trying to convince them otherwise, but of course, neither are all blockchains the same nor are all people working in crypto really just in it for the tech or money.

There is one subsection of people in crypto that want to change the world. And they go by the name Regens. Regen is a play on the word generative and degenerate; Degens typically being the people in it for the money and with little risk management.

Regens, on the other hand, care more about building out the ReFi ecosystem.

From DeFi to ReFi

ReFi is based on the idea of using blockchain for more than just financial gain because are you really going to care about those when the world is on fire? 🔥