Privacy, anonymity, rants and cat memes

Privacy, anonymity, rants and cat memes

The CoinJar team attended The Privacy Workshop last Friday in Melbourne to discuss privacy in a digital world. Here are some of the CoinJar team’s highlights from the event:

“I really enjoyed seeing digital privacy gain more mainstream credence. Getting your hands dirty with cryptography isn’t for everyone, we need a better way to solve the problems of living in a digital age. Seeing Carly Nyst discuss the right to privacy was engaging. It was great to conclude the workshop with her keynote on the negative effects of surveillance and the history of the universal declaration of human rights.”
– Frenchie, Security Engineer
“Anonymity is not a way to hide who you are, it’s a way to be who you are.”– Information Activist Asher Wolf during the panel on anonymity
“Privacy Workshop brought together some of the most passionate human rights experts, policy makers and security researchers. Discussing the intersection between tech, policy, security and design was extremely rewarding. The design community needs to respond and take responsibility for our work in a new era, one where the security and safety of our users is more important than ever.”
– Cade, Creative Director
“When Greens Senator Scott Ludlam opened his keynote by talking about stateless digital currencies and repped CoinJar, then gave everyone a reason to make cat GIFs to lobby against data retention laws…”
– Sam, Marketing Lead
“The Twitter feed #TPW14 added another layer to the already robust debate. It’s always very interesting to see what everyone else is thinking in real-time, especially when things got a bit heated. It just highlights how much of a digital world we live in nowadays. That, and when MC Will Dayble interrupted an epic rant about Bob Dylan during Q&A and told the audience member to keep it to 140 characters.”
– Zhoe, Communications
The after party was a highlight too, but that’s private.

Privacy is not often talked about but it affects everyone on a daily basis in everyday tasks, from the type of data collected from your credit card to your personal browsing history. We are happy to have sponsored and supported The Privacy Workshop because it was a conversation that needed to happen, and still does.

Thank you to Electron Workshop for running such a successful event.

You can join the discussion now on Twitter through #TPW14 – we highly recommend following the conversation! While you’re at it, find out more about how we handle privacy at CoinJar and what you can do for added security.