The brand new CoinJar web experience is live!

The brand new CoinJar web experience is live!

Here at CoinJar we’re incredibly excited to announce our latest major update to the CoinJar web experience! Our refreshed look and feel, with a host of new features and functionality makes buying crypto even easier, all the while keeping with the same mobile app design that we all know and love.

Cryptocurrency is rapidly changing and CoinJar strives to grow and evolve alongside the industry by providing an intuitive web layout to better suit the way you manage your digital currency.

Let’s dive into what’s new:

A better experience

We’ve refreshed our web experience to give a similar look and feel across web, iOS and Android apps. The new web update includes a notification tab with price alerts for your favourite cryptocurrencies and a more intuitive layout for sending and receiving cryptocurrency. With our brand new web experience, trading crypto has never been easier for both the OGs and the uninitiated.

This might be a perfect excuse to bring a newbie onboard by referring a friend to CoinJar and you both will receive CoinJar Rewards points to the value of $5.

Buying & selling

Good news for the CoinJar Bundles aficionados: we’ve changed how you can access and manage your CoinJar Bundles on the web. Our CoinJar Bundles are collections of popular digital currencies you can purchase as a group in order to diversify your portfolio. They include the largest digital currencies by market cap as well as bundles based on stablecoins, ERC-20 tokens and more. Now, you can access, manage and track the performance of your CoinJar Bundles on the web rather than exclusively through the app for iOS and Android.

Good news for our Aussie users: in tandem with CoinJar Bundles, you can also access and manage Recurring Buys through the web. Set up direct debit transfers from within desktop or the iOS and Android app. Recurring Buys is a commonly used investment strategy that enables you to send money automatically from your linked bank accounts in regular intervals, such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This is a feature only available in Australia currently and will be rolled out to the UK shortly.

To learn more about CoinJar Bundles, please see our Knowledge Base article.

Other features & improvements

  • Notifications tab: easily access all your CoinJar notifications in one place -- including notifications for daily price updates at your preferred times. You can also set threshold price alerts to notify you when the price for any of our supported currencies reaches above or dips below a certain amount. And now, through CoinJar’s reinvigorated web experience you can see all these notifications in one place.
  • Convert crypto from one to another: we’ve changed how you can manage your digital portfolio online. With this update it’s now easier than ever to exchange one digital currency for another, e.g. BTC for ETH.

No need to wax lyrical: try the new CoinJar web layout for yourself here. Wanna stick to the familiar? Easy – access the classic CoinJar layout by selecting “Go to CoinJar Classic” in your “Settings” or alternatively by visiting Happy Trading!

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