Introducing CoinJar Store

Introducing CoinJar Store

We’ve been working on something fun lately, and we’d like to introduce you to CoinJar Store.

Our team created CoinJar Store after we joked about having a ‘bitcoin store’ one day. We were inspired by our Creative Director’s shrine to the doge, which almost every visitor to our office remarks on.

So here it is! CoinJar Store is for all the witty bitcoin merchandise and gifts that your life needs. We’ve got greeting cards you’re happy to sign, hardware wallets and CoinJar t-shirts. Happy shopping!

Visit CoinJar Store

The Ledger Wallet lets you configure and use a standalone Bitcoin wallet. Buy it for $42.90.
Definitely not a Hallmark card. Buy doge greeting cards from $5.90.
Our favourite merchandise, the die-cut CoinJar sticker. Available to purchase for $3.50.
Our t-shirt is for sale! Get for $28.90 at the CoinJar Store.

If you have any suggestions for merchandise and products we should sell, let us know at And yes, of course we take bitcoin!