Facebook comments don't equal good investments

Facebook comments don't equal good investments

Welcome to Crypto in Conversation, where we’re de-bunking the how, why and what of crypto investments. We’ve asked crypto fanatics about their cryptocurrency, trading advice, trading pitfalls and their favourite tech gadgets.









Solutions Architect/Software

Tell us something interesting about yourself

I have travelled to over 50 countries.

The details

Provide a breakdown of your cryptocurrency portfolio

  • 25% BTC
  • 10% ETH
  • 20% NEO
  • 5% OMG
  • 10% BNB
  • 30% other alts including BAT, VET, LTC, POWR.

Do you invest in anything other than cryptocurrency?


What other things do you invest in apart from cryptocurrency?

Facebook, Nvidia, Pega, Microsoft.

What percent of your total investment portfolio is in cryptocurrency?

40% in cryptocurrency.

How often do you check the price?


What have been your best and worst cryptocurrency investments?

Best: BTC or BNB. BTC is steady and I understand it well. BNB I watched for a long time and bought literally at the bottom and then it went up 300% in nearly a month, and I still think it’s a great investment.

Worst: DGB. I bought DGB based on very little knowledge or research, on the back of a few facebook shilling comments.

Have you ever paid for anything with crypto?

Yes, I have paid developers that I’ve used for projects with crypto and sorted out international transfers with crypto.

What are your most reliable sources for trading advice?

A confluence of articles, posts, personalities and news.

What is your favourite thing to spend money on?


iPhone or Android?

Android, I believe open systems grow more organically than closed patented systems. Although I’m becoming more impressed with Apple’s push to privacy.

Favourite tech gadget?

My laptop, a Huawei matebook x pro 2018.

What finance apps do you currently use?

Crypto and Banking.

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