The new CoinJar app for iOS

The new CoinJar app for iOS

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We’re incredibly excited to announce our latest major update to the CoinJar app for iOS!

Back in 2015 we released the original CoinJar app at the start of the cryptocurrency revolution. We were the first Bitcoin app to return to the App Store following their change in stance on crypto apps, and to this day we remain one of the only Australian digital currency exchanges to provide native apps for both iOS and Android.

In the four years that have followed, the CoinJar platform has grown and evolved alongside the cryptocurrency industry. To help accommodate the many new features and cryptocurrencies we’ve introduced since then, we’ve taken this opportunity to rebuild our app from the ground up — a new, intuitive interface to better suit the way you can manage your digital currency profile today.

What’s new?

A better experience

The new tab bar running across the bottom of the screen is where you’ll find the ‘Home’ tab which shows you the most important information in one central location. Real-time prices, your individual currency accounts and your total portfolio value — you’ll find it all here.

We’ve also introduced a contextual ‘Quick Action’ bar at the top of the home tab to make sending, converting or depositing as quick as possible. In the coming months this will be updated to allow you to customise the quick actions you want to keep in this section.

CoinJar Home

Buying & selling

The confirmation screen will now show you a summary breakdown of the rates and fees involved in the transaction before you buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You can now simply swipe to confirm your transactions.

Historical information will now be more easily accessible with each account having a clear transaction history, which includes the rate at the time of the transaction. We have also made it easier to share your payment receipts with others. After every transaction you will receive a receipt confirming the amount sent and the recipient’s details, with information being easily shareable all from within the app.

CoinJar Buy Animation

Safe, secure & fast payments

You can now generate wallet addresses and QR codes for all of our supported digital currencies within the app, allowing you receive funds quickly and securely from any sender. As always, sending payments to other CoinJar members incurs no payment fee if you send to their CoinJar username.

It’s also possible to add and manage your CoinJar’s SMS or TOTP authenticators all from within the app. If your device supports it, you can use either Touch ID or Face ID to securely authorise payments from your device.

Bitcoin Send

Other features & improvements

  • Price alerts
    Get a push notification for daily prices updates at your preferred times, and set threshold price alerts to notify you when the price for any of our supported currencies goes above or below a certain amount.
  • Deposit
    View your deposit details and the different deposit methods with one tap from the home screen. Whether it’s PayID, BPAY or Cash (Blueshyft), all the information is in one place so you can easily deposit Australian dollars into your CoinJar.
  • Manage your account security
    Reset your password, enable a Passcode or Face ID and setup and manage your 2FA all within the app. If your device supports it, you can also use either Touch ID or Face ID to securely authorise payments from your device.
  • Max amount
    Easily transfer all of the funds in any of your accounts by using the ‘max amount’ button when choosing the amount.
  • Help & support
    Get the help you need without leaving the app by submitting a Support request from the ‘Help & support’ section.
  • CoinJar Swipe
    CoinJar Swipe is now integrated within the app, with a dedicated tab to view your transactions in a monthly breakdown.
    Don’t have a CoinJar Swipe? It’s the best way to cash out your holdings, with no conversion fees when you top up with crypto. Spend anywhere that accepts EFTPOS or withdraw from an ATM. Order yours now for free from the app.

Coming soon

  • Portfolio
    Track all your digital currency holdings in the Portfolio tab, with a historical performance graph, loss/gain data and much more.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more:

Cryptoassets traded on CoinJar UK Limited are largely unregulated in the UK, and you are unable to access the Financial Service Compensation Scheme or the Financial Ombudsman Service. We use third party banking, safekeeping and payment providers, and the failure of any of these providers could also lead to a loss of your assets. We recommend you obtain financial advice before making a decision to use your credit card to purchase cryptoassets or to invest in cryptoassets. Capital Gains Tax may be payable on profits.​​

CoinJar’s digital currency exchange services are operated in Australia by CoinJar Australia Pty Ltd ACN 648 570 807, a registered digital currency exchange provider with AUSTRAC; and in the United Kingdom by CoinJar UK Limited (company number 8905988), registered by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Cryptoasset Exchange Provider and Custodian Wallet Provider in the United Kingdom under the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017, as amended (Firm Reference No. 928767).