CoinJar x Brentford FC: we’re sponsoring the Bees.

CoinJar x Brentford FC: we’re sponsoring the Bees.

CoinJar is the official cryptocurrency partner of Brentford FC.

When CoinJar launched its UK operation in May 2020, we couldn’t have predicted how far or how fast we’d grow.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce our official partnership with the Premier League’s newest club – and the only side whose meteoric rise can match crypto as a whole – Brentford FC.

Over the past decade, the Bees have been on a stunning surge from third division also-rans to Premier League hopefuls. Driven by the Moneyball–esque insights of owner Matthew Benham, Brentford has used out-of-the-box thinking and deep statistical analysis to take unheralded players and turn them into multi-million pound stars.

“The success of both Brentford and CoinJar has been built on data, insights and market fundamentals. We look forward to seeing what we can achieve together in the top flight of English football.” – Asher Tan, CEO

Coming up you can expect to see the CoinJar name around the ground on game day, along with player content and exclusive offers and competitions for our subscribers. (A friendly reminder to subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter if you haven’t already).

With surveys suggesting that 1-in-5 UK citizens have already invested in cryptocurrency, we’re hoping that this partnership on the world’s biggest sporting stage can help take that number to 50% and beyond.

Premier League 2021 kicks off this Friday at 8 pm with a clash between Brentford and Arsenal. We hope you can tune in.

“Brentford will really get after them on Friday and I think they will win. There’s a lot more going for Brentford and more of a positive energy around the club. The spirit seems to be there with the excitement of the promised land.” – Hermann Hreidarsson, Brentford legend and CoinJar ambassador

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