Adoption Blues

Adoption Blues

Despite our best efforts, cryptocurrency remains a fringe pursuit. Could a new film help spread the love?

Sometimes blockchain can feel like a Magic Eye picture: the kind of thing you either get instantly and it blows your tiny little mind, or that you’ll never understand no matter how much people try and explain it to you and the more they try the more you just decide that you hate it and everything it stands for. Meanwhile, people like us are shaking them by the shoulders and yelling, “LOVE THIS LIKE I LOVE YOU!”

While solid data is hard to come by, ING conducted a survey in August last year that suggested only 7% of Australians owned cryptocurrency. Perhaps more worryingly, only 15% said they were interested in buying it in the future. While those numbers may have changed over the intervening months, it still points to one of the crypto movement’s prime dilemmas: how to spread the word beyond the true believers?

Spreading the gospel

To the broader public, cryptocurrency is, at best, something that seems both complex and irrelevant to their lives, at worst, black market drug money that a bunch of idiots lost their life savings to back in 2017. While neither of these things is necessarily true, perception counts for more than we’d like.

Part of the fault lies with us crypto enthusiasts, surely. As a community, we are prone to unabashed boosterism and an attitude towards outside criticism that could charitably be described as “defensive”. I imagine that to an outsider peering in it can feel a little cult-like, everyone staring back at you with wide eyes, chanting, “Join us. It’s bliss. Also, please give us all your money.”

The way forward?

There are no easy answers to this dilemma, but a film like Torsten Hoffmann’s forthcoming Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet could be part of the solution. A globe-trotting look at the who, what and how of blockchain that covers four continents and more than 25 of the scene’s most important and outspoken personalities – as well as an eye-opening visit to Xapo’s top secret bitcoin storage vault – Cryptopia wants to understand not only what the hell is going on here, but also what it might actually mean.

What makes Hoffmann’s film so refreshing is that he approaches the blockchain question without an obvious agenda. Cryptopia is more interested in blockchain’s place within a broader history of innovation – a history that encompasses both world-shaping inventions and abject failures. Where will bitcoin and blockchain fall on this spectrum? The jury is out, but Cryptopia makes a compelling case that it’s something we should all be paying attention to.

Keen to catch the film? Here are the screening dates for your closest cities:

We’re giving away a double pass for every Cryptopia Film premiere in Australia. Enter here to go in the draw! Terms and conditions at the end of this post.

One more thing

Crypto domains are here! That’s right, for the small price of US$20, you can immortalise your name/nickname/dog’s name in a .crypto address that you will own FOREVER. While this might sound as legitimate as that company selling real estate on the Moon, a .crypto domain will allow you to put all your wallet addresses in one place, so that if anyone ever wants to send you cryptocurrency all they’ll have to do is address it to bigloverboy69.crypto… or, uh, whatever you choose to register.

Ask CoinJar

What does it mean when something calls itself an ERC-20 token?

Alright, classify this under “technical but important”. ERC-20 stands for Ethereum Request for Comments 20 and, as the name suggests, it refers to a 2015 protocol upgrade on the Ethereum network that set common rules for cryptocurrencies that wanted to use smart contracts to execute themselves on the network.


This might sound impossibly arcane, but the ramifications were, suffice it to say, explosive. Prior to this, any time someone wanted to build a blockchain, they pretty much had to start from scratch. When the ERC-20 standard debuted it gave developers the capacity to invent fully functional, interoperable currencies with only minimal technical know-how. The result? The ICO boom of 2017 and the entire modern blockchain ecosystem.

Even today, many of the biggest crypto projects in the world have been built using ERC-20, including the Basic Attention Token, USD Coin, 0x, Binance Coin and ChainLink, along with literally hundreds, if not thousands of others. While it’s not the only game in town, ERC-20 remains Ethereum’s primary use case and the closest thing to a guarantee of blockchain reliability that we have.

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