Website updates

CoinJar is now accessible at

If you’ve been coming to this site for awhile, you would have noticed the CoinJar URL used to end in .io, the top level domain referencing Indian Ocean Territory. It’s a domain popular with internet startups for the I/O reference, but our decision to use it was simply because the domain name had already been taken.

However to avoid confusion, we have managed to secure the .com domain. You will still be able to reach us at our old address but we suggest updating your bookmarks.

We’ve also made some changes to our Support portal, which is now accessible at There is also usually someone in the public chat as well to help you out. Most support queries are addressed in 24-hours. To handle the increasing number of queries, we’re bringing on more support staff by the end of this month.

Look out for more announcements soon here on this blog, Twitter @GetCoinJar and Facebook.