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Five Commandments For Those New To Bitcoin

Given the year Bitcoin has had, it’s no surprise there’s been a whole lot more interest since it first started. Eight years ago, no one even really knew what cryptocurrency was. You can’t avoid someone mentioning Bitcoin at the pub or dare we say it, your family’s annual Christmas BBQ.

So, if you’ve just decided to jump on the bitcoin bandwagon, welcome – it’s great you’ve finally seen the light. Now sit tight and pay attention before you pay to play.

Save time and money by getting paid in bitcoin

This walk-through covers how you can use bitcoin, as a contractor, to get paid faster and lower fees on both ends. bitcoin15

The intended audience is contractors and service providers who have clients overseas or who provide services internationally. It covers not only how to accept bitcoin (that bit is easy), but how you can show your client the easiest way to take advantage of the Bitcoin network as well.

Case Study
I contract out as a writer, and was asked to cover the Inside Bitcoins conference. They had the option of international wire, PayPal or bitcoin. I chose bitcoin. I sent them my invoice (we denominated in USD), they sent me my fee in bitcoin at the market rate, and I had the money in my CoinJar instantly. No $25.00 wire fee, no international transfer delays. I invoiced then had the money that day. Because I use CoinJar I was also able to spend it on dinner that night using my Swipe card.

Step 1 – Get a wallet

For this example I’m using CoinJar, but there are plenty of services that do the same thing. The key aspects are that you can convert bitcoin to cash, instantly, and the bitcoin to cash exchange rate is better than the foreign exchange rates (CoinJar is 1%, so no problem).

Set up a CoinJar

bitcoin58Step 2 – Show your client

This is the tricky part, because it may be a conceptual leap for them. But if they’re interested then walking them through it is pretty easy.

First explain the benefits:

  • 5% – 10% cost saving (perhaps offer a discount)
  • Instant settlement

If you like you can help them find an exchange, making sure it:

  • Is reputable
  • Allows them to hold a cash balance
  • Allows them to buy bitcoin and transfer out
  • Offers a competitive exchange rate

You can even send them this guide on using bitcoin to send money overseas.

Step 3 – make the transfer

Here the client simply needs to:bitcoin67

  1. Top up their exchange account with cash on their end
  2. Convert their local currency to the agreed bitcoin amount
  3. Transfer to your bitcoin address

Bonus points if they use a service like CoinJar, which offers hedged accounts, so they don’t need to worry about price fluctuations in between conversion and sending.

It really is that simple. Set up your wallet, help them set up theirs, store the money as dollars and just use bitcoin as the plumbing. You’ll save time and money, and learn something new.

Want to learn more? Read our guide about using bitcoin as a cash backup overseas.

A bitcoin night out with Tatiana Moroz

When Tatiana dropped by Melbourne for The Bitcoin Address in November, it was a great excuse for a girls’ night out – but with bitcoin!

I met Tatiana right outside Grumpy’s Green, a charming, bitcoin-friendly pub familiar to the local Melbourne music scene. She bounces out of her cab with a cheery smile, laughs about her public transport mishap and settles in for the night out to explore Melbourne with us.


While we browsed the secondhand bookstores and thrift shops along Brunswick Street, I chatted to Tatiana about her experience as an international singer/songwriter and a bitcoin advocate in the New York artist community. It’s clear how passionate she is about cryptocurrency and what it means for musicians. It’s not a surprise, after all, she started the very first musical artist coin – Tatiana Coin – which owners can use to exclusively access Tatiana’s music, memorabilia, merchandise and gigs.

“It’s about being innovative use of the blockchain. Bitcoin can do so much for everyone, but for artists, there are so many opportunities. I know that bitcoin has some really solid support and interest in the community, but I also know that just like in the states, there will be plenty of people who don’t know about it yet!  In between hiking, swimming, and checking out the sites, I hope to have many opportunities to share how bitcoin has improved so many lives around the wall and is a truly international phenomena. “

For Tatiana, music is a powerful platform to communicate the power of bitcoin to people because it’s a universal language. And for this very same reason, she wrote the ‘Bitcoin Jingle’, a song about why she started using bitcoin. My favourite line from the song reveals Tatiana’s strong anti-war stance in her bitcoin campaign, ‘I didn’t want to give any of my money to a nation based on war. I wanted to be free, nothing holding me back from where I want to go.’

“The ‘Bitcoin Jingle’ started out as a way to sell a concept but the more that I became familiar with how this technology could impact society, the more it inspired my creative spirit.”

We had Tatiana perform and sing the ‘Bitcoin Jingle’ for The Bitcoin Address Melbourne and Sydney and it was a hit! When Sam (our Marketing Lead) and I were organising #TBA14, we wanted it to be special, and it was important that we used different forms of communication, and Tatiana really took it home for us. More on the event here, including bitcoin expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos’ address on the potential of the blockchain and what it means for the unbanked.

Tatiana at The Bitcoin Address with bitcoin law expert, Pamela Morgan. 

I used my CoinJar Swipe for most of the night and it was especially helpful once we started moving around. Tatiana thought it was incredibly useful because it allowed anyone to spend bitcoin anywhere that accepts EFTPOS. She was using the Airbitz App and while Melbourne does have its fair share of bitcoin-accepting businesses, the Swipe card made it much easier to live a bitcoin-lifestyle. She wanted one straightaway! I am counting down the days till Swipe is available to the public.

We covered a lot of ground in our girls’ night out, from our backgrounds, our travelling adventures to being women in tech. Tatiana formed part of our speaker dream team for The Bitcoin Address, but she was also great company while we were on the road.

If you have any questions for Tatiana, follow her on Twitter at @queentatianaofoz.

20141121_5637Setting Tatiana up with a CoinJar account

20141121_5672Paying for our drinks at Grumpy’s Green…

That right there, is gelato bought with bitcoin!

Showing off my Swipe card to Tatiana! And right before we had a lengthy discussion with our cab driver about bitcoin. It was fun to have someone to partake in my bitcoin rant with me!

20141124_1206Thank you to our dream speaker team for The Bitcoin Address – Tatiana (and her guitar with QR code!), Pamela Morgan and Andreas M. Antonopoulos. It was the Australian bitcoin community’s highlight event of the year! 

Andreas M. Antonopoulos visits Down Under

Join us for our highlight event of the year and hear from the brightest minds in the bitcoin community. It’s free, it’s open to the public and it’s catered.

CoinJar is proud to present The Bitcoin Address in Melbourne and Sydney in conjunction with partners College Cryptocurrency Network and Bitcoin Association of Australia. The event is a free, open-to-public bitcoin meetup featuring international speakers from the bitcoin community, including crypto expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos and entrepreneur Tatiana Moroz.

Whether you’re completely new to bitcoin or you’re a bit of a bitcoin enthusiast, this event will educate and inspire you about the currency of the future. Our speaker lineup is well-known by the bitcoin community worldwide, and they’ll give you valuable insights on using bitcoin for the everyday and the extraordinary.

“I’ve been looking forward to visiting Australia, as it has a vibrant and active bitcoin community. Australia’s high tech and entrepreneurial culture combined with its young population make it fertile ground for bitcoin.”
– Andreas M. Antonopoulos

“I have always dreamed of visiting Australia. It represents this raw adventurous spirit… I know that bitcoin has some really solid support and interest in the community, but I also know that just like in the states, there will be plenty of people who don’t know about it yet! In between hiking, swimming, and checking out the sites, I hope to have many opportunities to share how bitcoin has improved so many lives around the wall and is a truly international phenomena.”
– Tatiana Moroz

About the event

World-renowned crypto-currency expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos will cover current issues and emerging trends of bitcoin in his keynote address. If you haven’t seen Andreas speak before, here’s his Bitcoin Crash Course talk on YouTube – a great resource for beginners to bitcoin. Also watch his recent popular and inspiring address to the Canadian Senate on bitcoin.

You’ll hear from Bitcoin law expert Pamela Morgan, who will discuss how bitcoin is being used globally in innovative ways. Entrepreneur and musician Tatiana Moroz joins our speaker lineup to share her experience of spreading the use of bitcoin amongst the artistic community.

We’re expecting a big crowd so invite your friends and RSVP now.

Event details


When: 6:30pm, Monday 24 November
Where: Inspire9, 1/41 Stewart St, Melbourne VIC 3121
RSVP here


When: 6:00pm, Tuesday 25 November
Where: Atlassian, Level 6, 341 George St Sydney, NSW, 2000
RSVP here

About the speakers

andreas_casual_headshotAndreas M. Antonopoulos is a world-renowned technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become an in-demand speaker on all matters surrounding the crypto-currency, including a recent appearance before the Canadian Senate. Author of ‘Mastering Bitcoin’, Antonopoulos has launched several bitcoin companies and projects, and advises other companies on using the crypto-currency to its full potential.


Tatiana Moroz was so passionate about crypto-currencies, she began her own — Tatiana Coin — as a way of fundraising to kickstart her music career. The US-based musician is now credited with spreading use of bitcoin among the artistic community, particularly in New York.

pamelaPamela Morgan is the Principal of Empowered Law, a former member of the Bitcoin Foundation and an expert in all things bitcoin law. She regularly works with businesses and projects relating to smart law, smart contracts and using blockchain technology to reduce risk and uncertainty in business and legal settings.

About the organisers
CoinJar is Australia’s largest and longest running bitcoin company. They create simple products to empower people to manage their digital finances, including Australia’s first bitcoin EFTPOS card, Swipe. They’re proud sponsors of this event.

The College Crypto Network started in the United States in March 2014. They bring students, staff, and faculties interested in Bitcoin together, providing a forum for discussion and events on campuses. The CCN now has clubs operating in over 100 universities across 6 continents, with its Australian base at The University of Melbourne.

The Bitcoin Association are Australia’s leading Bitcoin advocacy group dedicated to the standardisation, protection, and promotion of Bitcoin and crypto-currency in the region.

What’s next for CoinJar

As a company in an emerging industry we have faced many challenges, especially in the recent months. The CoinJar team is agile and adaptable, and we’re confident in our future plans to keep CoinJar efficient and useful for our users.

We also remain dedicated and focussed on creating innovative products. I look forward to the coming months as we introduce what our team has been building – a seamless digital finance experience for our users.

Last month we started trialling CoinJar Swipe, Australia’s first bitcoin EFTPOS card. Swipe was created to show how accessible and revolutionary bitcoin is. Before Swipe, there was no easy way to spend bitcoin. Now our users can spend their bitcoin to complete everyday tasks. We’ll be releasing this to the general public very shortly.

swipe-mobile_appThe new CoinJar Swipe design

To truly revolutionise finance, we recognise that there’s a lot more to be done in education and the community. Apart from regular community meetups and workshops, CoinJar is also involved in events such as the upcoming Privacy Workshop featuring Senator Scott Ludlam and Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson.  We’ve also run workshops with small businesses to help them understand bitcoin, introduced students to new financial models, and supported community projects.

The CoinJar community has helped us improve our service over the past few months. We’ve acted on feedback and changed many of our existing processes, such as our multi-factor authentication and login processes.

LoginThe new CoinJar login screen, complete with a scenic snapshot from our new UK office.

As part of offering an integrated service, we are making CoinJar accessible across multiple platforms, starting with a new website. The new website simplifies the way CoinJar users can manage their digital finances by integrating all our products.

coinjar_product_montage_01 (1)You’ll be able to access your CoinJar across various devices and platforms.

We are building products to solve the problems of today and tomorrow to make digital finance truly accessible to everyone. As a team, we are incredibly excited to deliver a seamless digital financial experience that will empower you in your everyday life. We believe in the promise of a future made better with Blockchain technology.

We welcome you to be a part of the CoinJar journey by joining our early access program CoinJar DNA. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date on what we’re working on. We are listening to what you have to say.

Asher Tan
CEO, CoinJar

5 bitcoin deals for $5

Bitcoin deals from Sam

samFinding new places that accept bitcoin is exciting. Finding they offer you a bitcoin-only discount is even better. I’ve put together 5 things that you can buy with $5 worth of bitcoin. Discover some great deals and support these merchants who are supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Phone Cases at Millennius

Phone Case (2)I prefer to think of a phone case as a case for your mobile wallet. However you want to look at it, having a good case for your phone matters.

Millennius are running a $5 promotion with some cool phone cases as well as some other neat little knick-knacks and gadgets.

Start bargain hunting here.

Incense at Hippies Hope Shop

incense (2)Incense is the key to a happy home. These guys offer a lovely range of incense packs for $5.

They are a socially responsible store who provide a meal to a homeless shelter for every product they sell. Use the code “CoinJar” to get a 10% discount.

Make your home smell nice today.

Hosting at Serveraurus

Untitled-1 (1)Serversaurus are offering a web hosting starter pack with 500MB storage for under five dollars a month. They’re also giving a 20% discount if you use the discount code “COINJAR”.

Serversaurus donate 1% of their profits to environmental causes, are completely carbon neutral, and will plant a tree for every Facebook like they get!

Try out out their hosting here.

Badges at PolyEster Books

Untitled-2 (1)Polyester is an iconic Melbourne underground book store, stocking books you won’t find on eBay, Amazon or your local library.

They also offer a range of funky badges for $2.50 so go have a browse and walk out with a piece of Melbourne’s history.

Have a browse.

Sim Adapter from Project Grey

simadapter (2)A sim adapter from Project Grey makes it possible to convert your sim from nano to micro to standard. This is great for swapping phones your sim between phones which take different sizes.

Project Grey are also offering a site-wide 15% discount for all CoinJar customers using the discount code “COINJAR”.

Get your sim adapter here.

So go do some retail therapy, support some merchants and take a few mBTC out for a spin.