CoinJar Cafe Co-working Day

Yesterday we got the pleasure of meeting some CoinJar customers, merchants and other members of the Bitcoin community.

It all started with a sunny forecast for Tuesday, and a request to our CEO that we have a beach day. It was suggested we set up at Republica (a beach side bar/café) and send a tweet out summoning the tech crowd and any BTC users to come hang out, do some work and meet the team.

Aside from my concerns that we’d get kidnapped, it seemed like a pretty good idea.

We arrived at Republica at 10am sharp, however there was no room at the Inn for Mother Mary (they were closed till 11.30), and the day had taken a distinctly cloudy turn.  So we bundled up our Macbooks and sought solace at The Vineyard with a tweet letting people know we’d moved.

We laid out our little mobile office in the cozy sultans palace style sitting area at the back of the Vineyard.  Our day usually consists of working through customer tickets, design and development tasks, so working remotely is no issue.

At first it just seemed like a good excuse to drink some coffee and sit in slightly more comfortable chairs, but people started trickling in.   A lady working on her own fashion and accessory label, one of the first bitcoin ATM owners in Melbourne, a few CoinJar customers that just wanted to meet the team, some merchants with questions and even a man making a documentary on Bitcoin.

Needless to say it was great being able to bounce ideas around and get some feedback (both good and bad) face to face.  There are a lot of different viewpoints in the bitcoin community and this is its strength.  Any protocol that can stand up to the scrutiny of the diverse types of people we met yesterday definitely has merit.

Of course I would say that, I work at CoinJar.