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Five Commandments For Those New To Bitcoin

Given the year Bitcoin has had, it’s no surprise there’s been a whole lot more interest since it first started. Eight years ago, no one even really knew what cryptocurrency was. You can’t avoid someone mentioning Bitcoin at the pub or dare we say it, your family’s annual Christmas BBQ.

So, if you’ve just decided to jump on the bitcoin bandwagon, welcome – it’s great you’ve finally seen the light. Now sit tight and pay attention before you pay to play.

Top 5 CoinJar FAQs for 2017

CoinJar receives a large number of questions everyday from new and seasoned users of digital currency. In this post, we break down the Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions which will hopefully save you some time looking up the answers on our Knowledge Base.

New features: Swipe auto-load and more…

There are now a few new additions to your CoinJar, thanks to your feedback!

Rename Accounts

Organise your CoinJar the way you like by naming your accounts. To do this:

  • From your Accounts list, click an account, 
  • Click “Actions”, and select “Edit account”,
  • Edit the account name, and  click “Save.”



Swipe Auto-Reload

Maintain the balance of your CoinJar Swipe! Auto-reload automatically refreshes your Swipe balance via your bitcoin account. To turn it on:

  • From your Account list, click your Swipe,
  • Click “Actions”, and select “Edit card”,
  • Turn on Auto-reload.



Bitcoin Addresses and Payment Requests

We’ve made finding your bitcoin address and QR code easier and more accessible. To do this:

  • From your Account list, click your Bitcoin account,
  • Click “Actions”, and select “View address”
  • You can copy your bitcoin address, or click the QR code to open your desktop bitcoin app,
  • To make a payment request, click “Request”.



Recover your Swipe PIN

Lost your PIN? No problem. To retrieve it:

  • From your Accounts list, click your Swipe,
  • Click “Actions,” and select “Recover PIN”
  • Follow the prompts!


You can also quickly Top up Swipe, or report a lost card.
Need more information? Visit our Support Knowledge Base.


The Future of Filler

Topping-up Filler via bank deposit has been a difficult and confusing part of the CoinJar experience. From bank transfer delays to mistyped reference numbers, Filler problems account for over a quarter of requests for help from our customers. We’ve been looking at different options to make this process easier for you, and today we’re pleased to announce the next version of Filler.

Commencing Saturday we’ll be switching to BPAY for all Filler deposits. Using your BPAY Customer Reference Number and our Biller Code, you’ll be able to recharge your Filler in a few simple clicks from any mobile or internet banking app. If your banking provider supports it, you’ll even be able to schedule regular deposits to recharge your Filler.

Preparation and Maintenance.

BPAY for Filler will be available following a short maintenance window on Saturday morning, 10 May. Although service disruption to CoinJar will be minimal, you may need to take a few steps to prepare for the switch over.

Verify your identity to use BPAY and Filler.

If you haven’t submitted your ID verification, you won’t be able to use Filler at all. You’ll need to visit CoinJar Identity Services and verify your ID if you’d like to continue using Filler. We’ll be fast-tracking ID requests so please submit a support ticket if you experience any delay in your ID verification.

If you prefer not to become ID verified, you’ll still be able to use your CoinJar for bitcoin payments. You won’t be able to deposit into Filler.

Delete saved references to CoinJar bank account details.

As we’ve previously written, our relationship with NAB ends very soon. This means the bank accounts you use today with Filler will close. We encourage you to delete saved references to prevent accidental deposits to these accounts in the future. We won’t be able to assist you in retrieving deposits sent to these accounts once they’re closed.

Try out BPAY and plan your deposits.

CoinJar will no longer support over-the-counter cash deposits from 4:00 PM (Melbourne time) on Saturday, 10 May. We understand that, for some of you who have relied on cash deposits, this will present a challenge. We encourage you to try BPAY and contact our Customer Support team should you need help.

The Future

In the coming weeks we’ll have further exciting announcements so keep your eyes on our blog, Twitter and Facebook. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Support team who are eager to hear from you.

Happy BPAYing!

Team CoinJar


Please feel free to post questions and we’ll update this Q&A with further information. If you need detailed support, please contact our Customer Support team.

Does the transition to BPAY have any effect on withdrawals?

No. There is no change to withdrawals. For clarity, withdrawals will continue to take between one and three business days to reach your bank account.

Are there additional fees to use BPAY?

No. We do not charge fees when you deposit to, or withdraw from, Filler. While we’re not aware of any major financial institutions who charge their customers to use BPAY we recommend you confirm any fees with yours.

How long will a BPAY deposit take to reach Filler?

It will take between one and three business days for BPAY deposits to be available in Filler. This is dependent upon your financial institution’s processing times.

How do I use BPAY?

Head on over to our Knowledge Base for a comprehensive guide to using BPAY for Filler.

Meet the Support Team – Adrian and Chris

In yesterday’s post I briefly introduced Adrian and Chris, who’ve recently joined the CoinJar Customer Support team. This post is their chance to tell you a bit about themselves, why they joined CoinJar, and what they have planned for the coming months.



Nowadays when I’m asked what I do for a living, I don’t often get the response I’m used to. When I was at Apple working as a technician, I would usually get raised eyebrows, a polite acknowledgement of Apple’s success, quite often followed by a seemingly prearranged list of troubleshooting requests.

Since coming to CoinJar, I’m now met with a completely different response. The entire concept of Bitcoin is utterly fascinating to those not already holding BTC. My next ten minutes are usually filled with questions about how bitcoins work and what my Support role at CoinJar involves. It’s a topic that a lot of people are very excited to learn more about.

In my past experience, the true quality of a company can be measured not by their successes, but how they deal with their failures. It’s when they make a mistake, or you’re unsure about how to use their product or service, that you really give them a chance to make a difference in your personal experience.

Spending time at Apple as a technician, I got to see first hand what great Support can do. I’ve seen people come in cursing the sky, and then walking out again a short while later practically clicking their heels. It’s quite a privilege to be able to change someone’s day like that. At CoinJar, I’m intent on bringing that same level of attention and care to anyone who reaches out to us. We’re here to listen to what you have to say, and we’ll always reply with a detailed and prompt response.

One of my focuses at the moment is to vastly improve the Knowledge Base. Being a relatively small team means that our Support hours are restricted. For this reason, we want to have an extensive collection of resources for everyone to be able to refer to after hours.

So please, reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns; we’re here to help you however we can. I truly believe we’re right at the beginning of where Bitcoin is going to go – and it’s going to get crazy – but we’re here to help every step of the way.

Support Rep


Chris During my time as a systems administrator for small businesses, I was curious about many new emerging technologies.

One that stood out was Bitcoin. I began to explore early in 2012 – at first, looking into the technology behind it, then utilizing it as a mechanism to trade and profit from. At that moment, I had little understanding of the future impact it would have on the world’s financial system.

Back then the process to convert Australian Dollars to bitcoin was very difficult to say the least. I was in constant search of an easier local solution. Little did I know that the solution was CoinJar, founded just one year later. Since then CoinJar has provided me and thousands of Australians with the ability to easily buy and sell bitcoin.

During the early days of CoinJar, when they were a two man team, support was lacking. Their turnaround time was 2-3 days, which was not ideal for me and their customers. My reaction was to try and help, not just myself, but other CoinJar customers. I jumped into their open “CoinJar Support Chat” to chat with other customers and along the way I met the amazing team behind CoinJar and gained a new understanding and appreciation for their work to bring bitcoin to the forefront in Australia and the world.

My goal is to provide exceptional support to our customers and empower them through the use of bitcoin technology. I’m excited to have the opportunity to be part of that journey at CoinJar.

Support Rep

Customer Support Update

Six weeks ago I wrote a post containing a frank assessment of CoinJar Customer Support. In summary, my assessment was that we had a long way to go before achieving our aim of delivering exceptional support to everybody, every time.

We’ve made some advances over the past six weeks. I acknowledge that we are still in the early stages of our journey to exceptional support. Meanwhile I want to give you some insight in to our progress and provide some details of our future plans.

New Team Members

The most significant change we’ve made in recent weeks is the addition of two new Support team members. Adrian and Chris both joined us in April and have been coming up to speed quickly; if you’ve contacted Support in the past week you’ve likely interacted with these guys.

Adrian, an ex Apple Genius, has joined the team as a full time Support Rep. Having spent the last five years providing support for the largest mobile device manufacturer on the planet, Adrian has seen first hand the benefits of exceptional customer service. He’s now focused on bringing that same level of attention and care to CoinJar, believing that a company can truly be measured not only by their amazing services and products, but by the support they provide to back them up.

Chris, a familiar face in the CoinJar Support space, was providing community support to other CoinJar customers since late 2013. He has now officially joined us to provide extended coverage until 8:00 PM Melbourne time. Chris is an experienced systems administrator with a strong passion for new and emerging open source technologies. This passion, combined with an interest in global currency trading, has provided him with a strong foundation to provide quality customer support to CoinJar customers.

Extended Support Hours

Having Adrian and Chris on board has allowed us to make another important change; extended support hours.

CoinJar Customer Support is now available:

The above times are specified in Melbourne (winter) time. Click the times to convert to your local timezone using

As well as having people available at more convenient times, we are getting faster at answering tickets. Gone are the days of waiting 3 business days for a response to your query or issue. We will provide more specific details about our support timeframes in the coming weeks.

Public Support Forums

You may have noticed we’ve recently turned off the public features on our Support forums.

There were two driving factors behind this decision:

  1. Some customers were inadvertently providing private information in public tickets. Customer privacy is extremely important to us and turning off public forums was the most effective way to prevent customers from unknowingly uploading private details in the public arena.
  2. We are moving to a new Support tool. Tender, our current Support tool, is primarily a discussion forum rather than a ticketing system. To provide more streamlined support, and prepare for future expansion, we are transitioning to a top tier provider. We will provide more information on this transition in the coming weeks.

While public forums are no longer offered in our Support tool, you are always welcome to engage with us publicly on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m happy with the changes we’ve made in the past month, and I’m really excited for what’s still to come.

Support Lead

Update on Heartbleed Challenge

Last week we posted about Heartbleed and how it affected our services. At the time of writing our servers had been patched and tested to ensure that Heartbleed did not effect us when the news was made public.

New developments took place over the weekend. CloudFlare set up the Heartbleed challenge and confirmed that it is possible to access a server’s SSL key using the exploit. This means that it is possible that any server that ever used a vulnerable version of OpenSSL could be insecure. This includes CoinJar servers, though the chance of an exploit is highly unlikely.

We had already begun the process of replacing our certificates last week, prior to hearing the news. Once we have updated things on our end we will let you know and recommend you change your password. Until then we will be monitoring our systems for suspicious activity.

As always, we strongly encourage you to set up MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) on your account as an extra level of security.

Heartbleed and CoinJar Security

We published an update about the Heartbleed Challenge on Monday, 14 April.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the ‘Heartbleed’ bug. It’s a serious bug in OpenSSL that allows an attacker to access information on a secured server. OpenSSL is an industry standard and is part of the backbone of Internet security.

While there’s not a lot of good news around this flaw, we are happy to confirm that we are not affected by the bug. CoinJar’s SSL sites were patched by our service providers prior to the exploit being disclosed. Once the announcement was made we also verified that none of our services were running any of the affected versions (OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f inclusive).

Although we aren’t affected by this flaw, many other organisations are. If you use your CoinJar password in any other place, we strongly recommend you change it as a precautionary measure. This serves as a timely reminder to use a strong, unique password for each of your Internet accounts and consider MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) as an added level of protection.

As always, please contact us via our Support Forum if you have any questions or concerns. You can learn more about Heartbleed here.

Please see the update we published about the Heartbleed Challenge on Monday, 14 April.

Update – Support Ticketing System

11 Apr 2014

In a blog post published yesterday, ENTP (the creator of CoinJar’s support ticketing system, named Tender) confirmed that Tender was never affected by the Heartbleed bug.

Information submitted to CoinJar Support via Tender is safe and sound.

Update – ID Verification Service

11 Apr 2014

CoinJar reached out to GreenID, our ID verification service provider, who confirmed that GreenID “are not using an affected version of the OpenSSL library“.

ID information submitted to CoinJar is safe and sound, and held in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Multi Factor Authentication

At CoinJar security is our top priority.  To enhance customer account security we provide Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  When enabled, MFA requires that you authorise payments on at least one other device (such as your mobile phone) before a transaction can be processed.  The following article describes MFA, and we have an associated knowledge base article to assist you in getting it all set up.

What is Multi Factor Authentication?

Multi factor authentication (MFA) means a website requires confirmation from more than one device before you can perform a particular action (e.g. to log in or process a transaction). Once set up correctly the system will send a code, via SMS or an authentication app (e.g. Google Authenticator), that you input into that website to authorise the transaction.

Let’s use sending bitcoin using CoinJar as an example. The first factor authentication comes from logging in with your CoinJar username and password. The second factor is required when you go to send bitcoin or alter your account settings.

CoinJar will send a MFA code to your phone, which you will then input where requested. This tells CoinJar that the person who has requested the withdrawal also has access to your phone, thus confirming that the requester is most likely you. This helps protect your account from hackers in case they manage to gain access to your password.

This guide was previously a walkthrough of MFA activation; this information is now captured in our knowledge base.  See the links below for more details.

Setting up SMS authentication

Follow the steps under the heading Setting up SMS Authentication in the knowledge base article, Keeping your CoinJar Secure with Multi Factor Authentication.

Setting up Application (TOTP) authentication

Follow the steps under the heading Setting up TOTP Authentication in the knowledge base article, Keeping your CoinJar Secure with Multi Factor Authentication.

Using MFA to send bitcoin

Follow the steps under the heading Sending Bitcoin in the knowledge base article, Sending Bitcoin.


MFA is becoming a standard across the board as hackers think of more and more complicated tricks compromise internet based accounts. Using MFA requires at least two of your devices to be compromised so it greatly reduces the chance of your account being accessed.

If you have any questions about this article please take a look at the knowledge base and also feel free to contact our Support team.