Luke from CoinJar

Adoption Blues

Despite our best efforts, cryptocurrency remains a fringe pursuit. Could a new film help spread the love? Sometimes blockchain can feel like a Magic Eye picture: the kind of thing


Mining Bitcoin uses more electricity than the entire country of Switzerland. Is cryptocurrency an unmitigated eco-disaster? The recent announcement that bitcoin mining is consuming more energy each year than Switzerland

The Millennial Factor

When it comes to crypto, why are the under-35s so receptive to this strange, unprecedented idea? If you’ve ever tried to explain bitcoin to a parent/authority figure/anyone over the age

All the alts are dying

Bitcoin has had a hell of a year. So, why are the altcoins being absolutely obliterated? During the 2017 crypto bull run people noticed that the market had started following

Currency wars are good and easy to win

It’s official: America and China are in a full-blown currency war. Could this be the best thing that’s ever happened to bitcoin? Even by the standards of the Trump administration,

The taxman cometh

We regret to inform you that tax season is upon us and the ATO has their eyes on your crypto profits. A month ago I sat down to do my tax for

IEO fever

Forget ICOs. The Initial Exchange Offering is here to take your money and do whatever the hell they want with it. Back in 2015, a 21-year-old named Vitalik Buterin needed

In the balance

Would you trust Mark Zuckerberg with your money? Soon you may not have a choice. Well, it’s happened. Facebook, the world’s sixth most valuable company, with a customer base of

Institutional activity

Institutional money has finally arrived! Or has it? Does it even matter? If there was one meme that kept us all warm during the crypto winter of 2018, it was

It’s a small, small world

Bitcoin promised to do to money what email did to communication. Is it any closer to achieving the dream? I still remember the strange thrill I felt when I first