Luke from CoinJar

All Bundled Up

Variety is the spice of life. In crypto, it’s also a handy way of ensuring that you don’t get rekt. As a field, crypto can be remarkably tribal. Bitcoin maximalists,

Beyond DeFi

The DeFi frenzy shows no sign of slowing. But when the hype finally dies down, what will take its place? I last wrote about the DeFi supernova a month ago,

Bull in a Crypto Shop

Markets are soaring, coins are putting in 50% days and the Lambo memes are back. Is this 2017 all over again? I don’t normally do this, but let’s start with

Into the Ether

The crypto markets are soaring – but this time it’s Ethereum driving the market. What’s behind the new ascendancy of crypto’s second-in-command? Last week the crypto community got what we’d

DeFi-ing Gravity

It’s the summer of DeFi! (AKA decentralised finance). But is something revolutionary happening or is it just another crypto bubble? People have been proclaiming alt season from the rooftops recently,

Taxing Times

The ATO are sending out letters to 350,000 people demanding they pay their crypto taxes. Here’s how to keep on the straight and narrow. Take a look at the BitcoinAUS

It’s… Stock Season?

Penny stocks going 5x, bankrupt companies pumping 700% – why is the share market acting like crypto in 2017? For the better part of two months now, bitcoin has been

Bitcoin for the People

Remember when your friends used to ask you about bitcoin? Those days might be back sooner than you think. If you were around during the 2017 crypto bubble, you probably

Ready for Adoption

One of the world’s leading investors just went long on bitcoin. The drumbeat of adoption keeps getting louder. Unless you’re deep in the investment banking scene, it’s unlikely that the

The Sacrificial Half

The bitcoin halvening is HERE. We take you through the ins and outs of bitcoin’s biggest event. At 5.23 am (AEST) this morning a seismic shift occurred: the amount of