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New features: Swipe auto-load and more…

There are now a few new additions to your CoinJar, thanks to your feedback!

Rename Accounts

Organise your CoinJar the way you like by naming your accounts. To do this:

  • From your Accounts list, click an account, 
  • Click “Actions”, and select “Edit account”,
  • Edit the account name, and  click “Save.”



Swipe Auto-Reload

Maintain the balance of your CoinJar Swipe! Auto-reload automatically refreshes your Swipe balance via your bitcoin account. To turn it on:

  • From your Account list, click your Swipe,
  • Click “Actions”, and select “Edit card”,
  • Turn on Auto-reload.



Bitcoin Addresses and Payment Requests

We’ve made finding your bitcoin address and QR code easier and more accessible. To do this:

  • From your Account list, click your Bitcoin account,
  • Click “Actions”, and select “View address”
  • You can copy your bitcoin address, or click the QR code to open your desktop bitcoin app,
  • To make a payment request, click “Request”.



Recover your Swipe PIN

Lost your PIN? No problem. To retrieve it:

  • From your Accounts list, click your Swipe,
  • Click “Actions,” and select “Recover PIN”
  • Follow the prompts!


You can also quickly Top up Swipe, or report a lost card.
Need more information? Visit our Support Knowledge Base.


We halved our buy fee!

To ensure our users get the best value with CoinJar, we have cut our buy fee in half! This means you can now buy and sell with a flat 1% fee.

This is a step in our journey to make bitcoin services simple, affordable and easy to use. The fee change is effective as of today.

Buy now

For more information about our fees visit our knowledge base or email our Support team

Introducing CoinJar Touch for Android

Today, we launched our long-awaited mobile application for Android – CoinJar Touch. The native app mirrors the CoinJar web platform and lets you manage your CoinJar on-the-go, wherever you are.

CoinJar Touch is designed to be your everyday bitcoin payments app, convenient for instant payments to others and quicker transfers between your accounts.

Download CoinJar Touch for Android


account-list  Transfer


• Pay instantly to CoinJar usernames, Bitcoin addresses and scanned QR codes.
• Request payments from anyone via email.
• Store funds without volatility in Hedged Accounts (GBP, EUR, USD and AUD)
• Transfer between bitcoin and cash with low fees.
• Withdraw funds to supported bank accounts¹.
• Secure your CoinJar with a passcode and Data Wipe.
• View your balances with AUD, GBP, BTC, EUR and USD as a value reference currency.
• Get push notifications for deposits, payment requests and confirmations.
¹ Currently available to Australian customers only.

Install CoinJar Touch for Android

Need help? Take a look at our Support Knowledge Base article for CoinJar Touch.

For any more information about CoinJar services, please contact our in-house support team. We’d also like to hear your thoughts and feedback on our products and features on Twitter. For promotions, offers, product launches and more, subscribe to CoinJar’s monthly newsletter.

Now every Australian business accepts bitcoin

Today we’re pleased to announce the general release of CoinJar Swipe, Australia’s first bitcoin debit card. With Swipe, you can spend your bitcoin anywhere that accepts EFTPOS and withdraw your bitcoin as cash at any ATM in Australia.

CoinJar Swipe is convenient, easy to use, and built so you can use your bitcoin to pay for the everyday things, like your morning coffee and the bills. If you live in Australia and have a verified identity, sign in and order your first bitcoin debit card.

Order CoinJar Swipe

Artboard 2 FFFDFA

  • To order, there is a one time fee of $29.
  • To be eligible for CoinJar Swipe, you must be a verified CoinJar user.
    Not verified? Visit our identity verification portal.
  • Once ordered, your card will be delivered within 7-10 business days.
  • For more detailed information visit support.

Last year in September, we invited 100 members of our early access program, CoinJar DNA, to beta-test Swipe. It was well-received and using the beta-test feedback, our team was able to refine and improve Swipe for you today.

Here’s what our beta-testers thought of Swipe:

“With Swipe, I can now use Bitcoin to buy just about anything. The other day, I went out to the local Woolies and bought my lunch with bitcoin. Really, at the end of the day, I want to do everything that I already do with other currency, plus more with Bitcoin.”
Prashan Paramanathan, CEO,

“I do like the fact that I can load my BTC onto the card and access the money immediately, as opposed to waiting for the obligatory 2 banking days to receive funds in my bank account. The process was pretty straightforward, receiving the card, activating it, loading money onto it, using the card to buy groceries.  All very easy. It’s definitely a step in the right direction to make Bitcoin more accessible for the masses.”
Daniel, DNA member

“Seeing it used in such a mundane context made it feel so real, and I started feeling really excited about the possibilities in this space.” 
Anthony, DNA member

“My favourite moment of using Swipe would be the time I ordered a meal and had my bank keycard fail. It would’ve been awkward had my Swipe not come to save the day.”
Gerard, DNA member

We look forward to hearing what you think of CoinJar Swipe. Share your feedback with us on Twitter or send us a support request.


Order CoinJar Swipe

For more information, including the Product Disclosure Statement and the fee schedule for this product, visit our Support Knowledge Base article.

Introducing Hedged Accounts

Today, we’re excited to launch CoinJar’s newest feature for the everyday bitcoin user, Hedged Accounts. Hedged Accounts protect you from fluctuations in the bitcoin price by pegging your bitcoin to AUD, GBP, EUR or USD. They are available to be added to your CoinJar now.

Open a Hedged Account



Hedged Accounts are great for people who want to start out with bitcoin for practical purposes but don’t want to manage it actively or worry about price volatility.
– Asher Tan, CEO

This new feature is particularly useful for businesses or charities that accept bitcoin as they can make business plans and budget without worrying about its volatility. Hedging their bitcoin gives them the assurance that their funds are stable, without having to transfer it to cash.

How Hedged Accounts work

A CoinJar Hedged Account allows you to hold a variable amount of bitcoins that have a fixed value in terms of an alternative currency (GBP, AUD, EUR, USD). This protects your bitcoin from price fluctuations.

CoinJar Hedged Accounts Infographic - AUD-2

 Need help? Read the Frequently Asked Questions article on our CoinJar Support Knowledge Base.

Introducing CoinJar Touch for iOS

Today, our team is excited to launch our redesigned mobile application for iOS – CoinJar Touch. CoinJar Touch is an everyday bitcoin payments app that lets you manage your CoinJar on-the-go, wherever you are. The app will be familiar to you as it mirrors CoinJar’s simple and easy to use web platform.

Using CoinJar Touch, you’ll be able to make instant payments to others and quicker transfers between your accounts. We built this because we believe you should have control over your money, wherever you are.

Download CoinJar Touch for iOS

   accounts page_with_frametransfer page_with_frame

• Pay instantly to CoinJar usernames, Bitcoin addresses and scanned QR codes.
• Request payments from anyone via email.
• Transfer between bitcoin and cash with low fees.
• Withdraw funds to supported bank accounts¹.
• Secure your CoinJar with a passcode, Touch ID and Data Wipe.
• Sign up or sign in with 1Password integration.
• Store your bitcoin with AUD or GBP as a value reference currency.
• Get push notifications for deposits, payment requests and confirmations.
¹ Currently available to Australian customers only.

Install CoinJar Touch in the App Store

“We’ll be launching CoinJar Touch for Android shortly as well. Mobile is important for mainstream Bitcoin adoption because it’s accessible and reflective of the global trends. Mobile penetration has exceeded desktop computing and this is especially true in developing economies. Just like everything else CoinJar builds, CoinJar Touch is tailored to international markets.”
– Asher Tan, CEO

“We’re not only competing with other payment companies, but the physical wallet. Even with the extra benefits, like paying contacts and sending payment requests, paying via bitcoin must be fast, reliable and as easy to understand as paying with a card.”
– Cade Diehm, Creative Director

Need help? Take a look at our Support Knowledge Base article for CoinJar Touch.

For any more information about CoinJar services, please contact our in-house support team. We’d also like to hear your thoughts and feedback on our products and features on Twitter. For promotions, offers, product launches and more, subscribe to CoinJar’s monthly newsletter.

Our UK submission to the HM Treasury

On 3 December, we made a submission in response to the UK government’s economic and finance ministry’s call for information on digital currencies.

In an effort to make Britain the global centre of financial innovation, the HM Treasury’s consultation focussed the function of digital currencies as a payment method, rather than as a speculative investment. As published on their website, the call for information is lead by their desire to promote innovation and competition in the banking sector, learn more about digital currencies and hear the public’s views on regulation.

As suggested, our submission responded to the 13 questions posed by the HM Treasury around benefits, risks and regulation of digital currencies. Here are some excerpts:

  • Some of the benefits of digital currencies are felt at a functional, use-case level: the speed, efficiency, and flexibility of transactions. These are dependent on efficient gateways, reasonable tax treatment, and market depth. Some benefits are felt at a more systemic level, the resilience and transparency of a public secured ledger, and these are only meaningful if the currency is being used.
  • Bitcoin poses a huge challenge to international financial products which have remained stubbornly uncompetitive, most notably remittances, as well as basic banking for underbanked populations in both developing and developed economies.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 10.20.15 am

  • The biggest boon policymakers could give to the industry would be to find a way to give the industry access to banking services. The largest barrier to business in the UK is the blanket refusal of British banks to provide banking services to companies like ours.
  • Most user risks of digital currencies are comparable to the risks inherent in storing national currencies in an online bank account. Digital currencies do not offer an effective channel for money laundering or terrorist financing, given the permanent digital trail transactions leave in the public ledger.

“In communities such as Bitcoin these risks are actively tackled by researchers, developers, bounty hunters and ‘white hat’ hackers who endeavour to educate users, fix code vulnerabilities and document incidents of fraud and theft. In this sense the community, like any open source community, is already self-policing.”

  • For most digital currencies, it is effectively impossible to regulate the protocol that underlies the technology, The possible unintended consequence of this is that it could saddle early-stage technology companies with legal and regulatory costs that render them uncompetitive. Regulators should instead work with community players to ensure that the currency’s infrastructure is being responsibly managed and used.

If you have a moment, read the submission in full here. In November, we also made a submission to the Australian Senate, which can be found here.

Thank you for your support as we expand internationally to offer you a better global service.

Your CoinJar – Redesigned

Your CoinJar has changed, and we want to tell you a bit about it.

Internet and technology based companies can grow quickly in this connected world. Software, like that of the bitcoin blockchain, isn’t restrained by borders and usually has marginal cost to distribute. From day one, we knew CoinJar needed to cater to a global audience.

We’ve been proud to deliver our products in Australia, from the exchange between dollars and bitcoins to the CoinJar Swipe debit card. However we’ve always planned to share our products worldwide, and now that we’ve relocated our headquarters to London, CoinJar can offer a better, global service.

Today we launched the new CoinJar platform, an easy to use, easy to understand bitcoin platform for everyone. Buy, sell, send, receive and spend bitcoin and dollars using a single simple interface with low fees and instant transactions. Though it was challenging to create, the new CoinJar service was built to be user-friendly and intuitive, where bitcoin just ‘works’.  It’s also a platform that can grow, and scale to become a core part of the new digital economy.

We have officially incorporated as a UK company, CoinJar UK Limited.  Customers will be asked to accept CoinJar’s new Terms of Service the first time they sign into the new platform. In this new agreement, there will be no additional taxes levied on the purchase of bitcoin as previously rendered by CoinJar Pty Ltd (Australia) as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs exempts digital currency trading from value added tax (VAT).

CoinJar will continue to maintain a strong presence in Australia. Even as we become a global company, our goal is to be on the ground as much as possible, wherever users love our products. As we grow, we won’t stop focussing on the things that have defined us, like facilitating Meetup groups, sharing knowledge and highlighting our amazing users.

This is how we believe it should be done. This is the new face of personal finance.

Thanks from everyone at team CoinJar.

Take a look at our new platform:

Tell us what you think about your new CoinJar on Twitter using #MyCoinJar.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos at The Bitcoin Address


We were lucky enough to host international speakers Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Pamela Morgan and Tatiana Moroz at Australia’s largest Bitcoin meetup for 2014, The Bitcoin Address.

The free and open-to-public event ran over two days in two cities, with over 370 attendees and thousands of livestream viewers worldwide. A key highlight of #TBA14 was a live Q&A platform, allowing anyone to ask a question to our speakers, as voted by global technological consensus.

In under 24 hours, The Bitcoin Address ‘sold out’, with people travelling all around the country for a chance to hear Bitcoin expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos speak. The local Australian Bitcoin community banded together to host a series of events around the visit, including a smart contracts Q&A, Bitcoin 101 sessions and an afterparty at Sydney’s Metropolitan Hotel (bitcoin-friendly, of course).


Andreas spoke about different topics across the two days. In Melbourne, he inspired the audience with his discussion on the revolutionary impacts of Bitcoin in unbanked economies and broken marketplaces. He also shared his personal experiences, his discovery of Bitcoin and the importance of developing user-friendly technology that interface with Bitcoin.

In Sydney, Andreas provided valuable insights on the technical side of some of the more advanced features of the blockchain, and inspired the audience on the potential of its technology. Specifically, he delved into the new features being added to the blockchain such as nLockTime, smart contracts, multi-sig technology, consumer protection features and the danger of early regulation.

US singer-songwriter Tatiana Moroz was also a popular favourite, performing the “Bitcoin Jingle”. She shared about how she discovered a movement that aligned with her personal values and how she has used cryptocurrency to help monetize her music.  Bitcoin law and smart contracts expert Pamela Morgan also explained how the blockchain can be used to facilitate and automate complex legal transactions.

The Bitcoin Address was a chance for us to give back to the Australian community. Our customers are an integral part of our growth and this was a way for us to say thank you. It has been quite a year for Bitcoin, and we’ve been quietly reinventing CoinJar,  building products for the future of consumer finance.

By far our favourite event for the year, The Bitcoin Address was a whirlwind of incredible and inspiring discourse, beers, sushi and laughs. We can’t wait for the next one.

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20141124_1272 20141124_118720141124_1194

What’s next for CoinJar

As a company in an emerging industry we have faced many challenges, especially in the recent months. The CoinJar team is agile and adaptable, and we’re confident in our future plans to keep CoinJar efficient and useful for our users.

We also remain dedicated and focussed on creating innovative products. I look forward to the coming months as we introduce what our team has been building – a seamless digital finance experience for our users.

Last month we started trialling CoinJar Swipe, Australia’s first bitcoin EFTPOS card. Swipe was created to show how accessible and revolutionary bitcoin is. Before Swipe, there was no easy way to spend bitcoin. Now our users can spend their bitcoin to complete everyday tasks. We’ll be releasing this to the general public very shortly.

swipe-mobile_appThe new CoinJar Swipe design

To truly revolutionise finance, we recognise that there’s a lot more to be done in education and the community. Apart from regular community meetups and workshops, CoinJar is also involved in events such as the upcoming Privacy Workshop featuring Senator Scott Ludlam and Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson.  We’ve also run workshops with small businesses to help them understand bitcoin, introduced students to new financial models, and supported community projects.

The CoinJar community has helped us improve our service over the past few months. We’ve acted on feedback and changed many of our existing processes, such as our multi-factor authentication and login processes.

LoginThe new CoinJar login screen, complete with a scenic snapshot from our new UK office.

As part of offering an integrated service, we are making CoinJar accessible across multiple platforms, starting with a new website. The new website simplifies the way CoinJar users can manage their digital finances by integrating all our products.

coinjar_product_montage_01 (1)You’ll be able to access your CoinJar across various devices and platforms.

We are building products to solve the problems of today and tomorrow to make digital finance truly accessible to everyone. As a team, we are incredibly excited to deliver a seamless digital financial experience that will empower you in your everyday life. We believe in the promise of a future made better with Blockchain technology.

We welcome you to be a part of the CoinJar journey by joining our early access program CoinJar DNA. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date on what we’re working on. We are listening to what you have to say.

Asher Tan
CEO, CoinJar