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Brave Browser Review

Brave logo


Brave is an adventurous attempt at a new web browser, one which focuses on rethinking the overall advertising model of the internet. As of October 2016, Google’s Chrome browser continues to be the most popular choice with over half (63%) the usage share of all browsers. Although Chrome is freeware (as is Brave), it is developed by Google which derives the majority of its revenue from advertising. Some think this may lead to conflicts of interest when it comes to privacy and security.

Brave proposes a new model for internet browsing, one where users pay for their time online to remove ads and fund sites.

The team behind Brave is no less impressive than their mission. The browser is developed by Brave Software, the CEO of which, Brendan Eich, co-founded Mozilla, the company responsible for Firefox. Among other accolades, Eich is also the creator of the JavaScript programming language.

One Year of CoinJar Swipe

It’s been exactly one year since every Australian business started accepting Bitcoin with CoinJar Swipe, our Bitcoin-enabled debit card. One year out, CoinJar Swipe continues to be an innovative product, changing the way we look at and perform payments.

Since its official launch 12-months ago, we’ve seen $1,051,479.97 spent on about 1,000 debit cards in circulation! We’re thrilled to break the million-dollar mark and hope all our users have enjoyed the experience as much as we’ve enjoyed creating a seamless digital currency app and card.

Using a sample size of anonymised transaction data over the last three months, grocery shopping comes out on top at 35%.

CoinJar Swipe Debit Card Spending Statistic


Feedback & Updates After 12 Months

  • Daily Limits
    Many users have asked us to increase the limit of the Swipe cards as many items come in above the $500 limit making it hard to buy that new TV or gaming rig with your CoinJar Swipe. We’re pleased to announce we will be doubling the CoinJar Swipe daily limit to $999.00 effective immediately.
  • Multi-currency and online usage of Swipe
    We’ve also had feedback that users want to use their Swipe card overseas and for purchases on the internet. Presently CoinJar Swipe runs on the EFTPOS network which is accepted at 950,000 payment terminals in Australia, however isn’t available online. This is something that’s being worked on and we’re keen to release a multi-currency card that can be used anywhere in the world.

    CoinJar Swipe Reload

    CoinJar Swipe Auto-Reload

  • Auto top-up & PIN Recovery
    A handy feature when you want to keep your card ready for spending, the auto-reload feature automatically tops up your Swipe when it falls below a specified balance. And if you’re forgetting your PIN all the time, we’ve got you covered with easy recovery.

Ordering a CoinJar Swipe

There has never been a better time to own a CoinJar Swipe debit card. If you’re receiving international payments for invoices, everyday spending, or want to be or just as a great backup – here’s how you can get your very own CoinJar Swipe.

  • To order, there is a one time fee of $29.
  • To be eligible for CoinJar Swipe, you must be a verified CoinJar user.
  • Not verified? Visit our identity verification portal.
  • Once ordered, your card will be delivered within 7-10 business days.
  • For more detailed information visit support.

Log-into your account now to get your CoinJar Swipe.

Order CoinJar Swipe

Bitcoin goes Vinyl

Touch Records are launching The Broken Needles’ “Holy Coast” vinyl LP next month at Grumpy’s Green. Fresh off their East Coast tour The Broken Needles, who Rolling Stone referred to as “a wet-season postcard from Psychoville, N.Q”, have embraced crypto currency as “a global way to distribute music, the ultimate global product”.

logo-2Touch Records, Australian vinyl aficionados, teamed up with Broken Needles and CoinJar as a way of testing the bitcoin vinyl market. Depending on the success of this launch they aim to convert their entire catalogue to bitcoin.

The launch will be on the 6th of September at Grumpys Green. Grumpys Green is the classic Melbourne bitcoin pub, where you can get 10% off all pints paid for with bitcoin, as well as half price hot-wings. CoinJar will be there giving away bitcoin to punters to spend on beer, and getting a generation of rock’n’rollers started with their first bitcoin wallets.


There will be local support acts, good music, good beer and a whole lot of bitcoin. Free entry, cheep beer and bitcoin? Better top up your hot wallets.

RSVP here

and of course

Get your copy here

Books I bought at Polyester’s Bitcoin Sale


We are really excited about the Coinables merchant program running in Melbourne at the moment. There are tonnes of merchants running special deals and promotions for bitcoin. I’m a huge fan of Polyester Books, Melbourne’s oldest running underground book store, so when they told me they were doing a 15% discount when you paid with bitcoin I loaded up my hot wallet, hopped on the tram and hit the books.


Polyester – an underground treasure

Polyester is a visual cacophony of colour, ideas, ideologies, humour and the grotesque. Books on wizardry and party-favours sit flush with books about Anthony Kiedis and meditation. This isn’t a place pushing an agenda, it’s a platform where left-of-centre authors can have their voice heard.

  Check out their catalogue and save 15% when you pay with bitcoin


My Haul

Final Total – 540mBTC
After bitcoin discount – 460mBTC
Saving – 80mBTC
Free stickers – priceless

Dads are the Original Hipsters

ahipstarAs a flower child with a dad who plays flute, rides a bike and repurposes building materials for his bush house, this book resonated pretty seriously with me.  I looked back and suddenly realised I wasn’t being fashion forward, I was just imitating the coolest dude I know.  Frankly I’ll never have a beard as cool as him, or look as good in jorts, but hey, we do our best.

Adventure Time Encyclopedia

amailorderSpeaking of hipsters, any hipster worth their salt is basically obsessed with Adventure Time.  We all get together at our warehouse parties and just whisper choice lines from it.  Now, with this, I’ll be able to out-hipster my friend who walks his tortoise while riding his penny farthing bicycle.  Seriously, this is a cute little number “written” by the Lord of The Nightosphere, annotated by the two lead characters, Finn and Jake.  Love it.

Mail-Order Mysteries


This is a bit of a leaf-through novelty for the coffee table.  Of course I’ve now got to go buy a coffee table but that’s the price you pay I guess.  It’s full of all the snake oil, X-Ray specs and muscle enhancer advertisements that could be found in the comic books of the past.  Things like this make me wonder what advertisements and products our children will look back on and say “I can’t believe these idiots fell for that”.   I’ve got a few ideas but I can’t say them because that’d be defamation.

The Freeing of Jonathon Mark

ahandsActually haven’t read this book or heard of the author, just caught my eye.  It’s a book about a futuristic form of therapist who’s job is to sit completely still and absorb all the anger and hatred of the client, who then walks off light and bubbly.  The therapist’s life is thrown into disaray after meeting a truly happy client and realising the burden that he has opted to carry.  I pretty much just liked the picture, and you know what they say – “make sure you judge a book by its cover”.

David Thorne – I’ll Go Home Then; It’s Warm and Has Chairs – The Unpublished Emails

adavidAny internet humorist worth their salt is familiar with David Thorne; renowned for being one of the most stubborn, hilarious graphic designers alive.  He takes pride in avenging every frustrated graphic artist by twisting the wishes of clients like some sort of cartoon genie.  He takes pride in messing with his agency boss and is generally exceptional at trolling.  You may have seen his legendary attempt to pay his bills with a drawing of a six legged spider.

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

aPCThis was actually purchased at the request of my girlfriend, who had it as a child.  It’s a pretty hilarious politically correct retelling of old fairytales.  The quintessential tale featured on the cover is “Little Red Riding Hood” for example.  Little Red Riding hood forgives the wolf for eating her grandma because he’s a carnivore.   The woodsman bursts in and they chastise him for assuming that “womyn and wolves can’t solve their own problems without a man’s help”. Love it.

Radical Melbourne 2 – The Enemy within

aradicalThis is a history of last century’s resistance, underground movements and challenges to authority in my home town, Melbourne.  The fact is that since humans figured out how to talk we’ve been bossing each other round, saying no, scuffling about it, then obfuscating it from mainstream media coverage.  It’s amazing reading about some of the unionist, racial and political movements that happened under our largely suburban noses.

The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla

atestlaTelsa is history’s original Bad Luck Bryan.  He basically invented the world as we know it, but died sad and alone in a hotel room, in love with a pigeon.  If you think of Thomas Edison as Steve Jobs and Tesla as Wozniak you get the picture. This book pays homage to the amazing things he built and the stupendous legacy he left us. If this is the first you’ve heard of Telsa, please absorb this amazing Oatmeal profile of him. 

The Underachiever’s Manifesto

AunderachieverThis book was something I think I needed to read.  It pushes a creed of lowering your bar, setting your sights low, and settling for less.  As a hyper overachiever who, at this very moment, appears to be working on the weekend (it’s Saturday and I’m working on a blog for work so yeah… whoops), getting told to just chill out is pretty useful.   Also love the typefaces and presentation.

Along the Far Climb Down

awhodis?Honestly not a hundred percent sure what to make of this.  It caught my eye immediately, is hand signed by the author and is a self-published series of rambling, seemingly disconnected vignettes.  From bikini babes, to memories of a hallucinated college experience that never happened because he never went to college… honestly I couldn’t make this stuff up.  I’m fairly certain if I read this correctly I will find illuminati so I’m pretty committed to getting through it.

The Tao of Wu

awutangThe biography of The Rza, founder of the prolific Wu-Tang clan.  Discussing the spiritual side of hip hop, Pop Culture reverence and his own experiences.  I’m a massive fan of Wu-Tang and have huge amounts of respect for performers like these, so I eat up any of their personal reflections.  They’ve got a new album coming out soon so I also wanted to bone up on my Wu-Tang trivia.

Final Thoughts

I tend to live under the bridge of the internet, and don’t get out to shop in person too often.  The visceral feeling of leafing through all this literature, comedic, scandalous and useful as it was, is something you can’t replicate.  I also got to have a good chat with Adam, who works at Polyester, and it really reminded me how amazing bitcoin was.  A self organising network of value that we, as a community, have decided has a certain worth and are willing to exchange for goods and services without the blessing of anyone but the consensus.  Using it to buy subversive and eccentric literature just seemed incredibly fitting.

Go buy something weird at polyester now. 

Pledge Bitcoin, Kill Zombies.

IRL Shooter are a group that recreates the zombie outbreak experience in the most terrifying way. After a successful run of game events in 2013, they’re back with a new, ambitious game. They’re currently raising funds on Pozible, and they need your help.

In 2013, IRL Shooter made headlines after hiring a warehouse, decking it out like a hospital and filling it with over 50 actors. They then threw Melbournians into a terrifyingly fun zombie outbreak scenario. Players had to work together as a team to blast their way out of the hospital.

Now IRL Shooter need your help to bring the experience back to life. Their Pozible campaign has raised over $200k so far and now they’ve started accepting bitcoin pledges.

Pledges will receive a ticket and, depending on the level, they include a whole range of power-ups and bonuses. Last time this event came around it sold out quickly; this is your chance to get in early and secure your spot at a truly unique event.


With lighter weaponry, more efficient infrared, more terrifying bosses, in-game power-ups, and a slew of new features, this is IRL Shooter at the next level.

We got to have a chat with the guys at IRL HQ. They are all massive gamers and said that they set out to create the ultimate gaming experience.


From the last round they said the biggest issues were the weight of the guns. People were having trouble carrying them and they didn’t feel like true weaponry.

They have since imported realistic infrared semi-automatics and Glocks, with smart clips that track how many shots were fired and unleash a blast of CO2 to simulate the pushback and sound.


They are also doing some creative things with infrared technology giving the next boss telekinetic powers.

Our Growth Strategist, Sam, had the opportunity to test out the “pain belt”, a belt that you can opt to wear that gives you a little shock when you get bitten. You get achievements in this game, one of them is to play the entire game with pain level maxed to 5.

Sam got to level 4 before he wimped out.

Go test your survival skills in what has been touted as the most realistic gaming experience to date whilst supporting Melbourne creatives, and, best of all, pay with bitcoin.

Supporting Madelaine’s Pozible Campaign

Madelaine has been running her own business since she was 8. As a young entrepreneur, she started with 20 chickens. Now at 19 she has over 900 chickens, runs an organic farmers market and spends the rest of her time developing organic initiatives in her community.

Cleaning, grading and packing eggs is a time taxing process that takes her 4 hrs to do every day. Help fund her Pozible campaign to buy a $60,000 egg grading machine that will minimise her 28 hours of egg-cleaning a week to one hour or less. She has raised over $30,000 already.

Inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit, we are funding her campaign with $3,888 in bitcoin and will match every bitcoin donated to her campaign up to $10,000.

If you want to donate simply:

  1. Go to her Pozible campaign
  2. Select ‘Pledge Now
  3. Choose your reward
  4. At the bottom of the page, select bitcoin as your payment option
  5. Provide a return bitcoin address (if she doesn’t hit her target the bitcoin will be returned)
  6. Select ‘Proceed to CoinJar’
  7. Complete the payment

If r/dogecoin can sponsor a NASCAR, surely we can help Madelaine get her business to the next level.


5 bitcoin deals for $5

Bitcoin deals from Sam

samFinding new places that accept bitcoin is exciting. Finding they offer you a bitcoin-only discount is even better. I’ve put together 5 things that you can buy with $5 worth of bitcoin. Discover some great deals and support these merchants who are supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Phone Cases at Millennius

Phone Case (2)I prefer to think of a phone case as a case for your mobile wallet. However you want to look at it, having a good case for your phone matters.

Millennius are running a $5 promotion with some cool phone cases as well as some other neat little knick-knacks and gadgets.

Start bargain hunting here.

Incense at Hippies Hope Shop

incense (2)Incense is the key to a happy home. These guys offer a lovely range of incense packs for $5.

They are a socially responsible store who provide a meal to a homeless shelter for every product they sell. Use the code “CoinJar” to get a 10% discount.

Make your home smell nice today.

Hosting at Serveraurus

Untitled-1 (1)Serversaurus are offering a web hosting starter pack with 500MB storage for under five dollars a month. They’re also giving a 20% discount if you use the discount code “COINJAR”.

Serversaurus donate 1% of their profits to environmental causes, are completely carbon neutral, and will plant a tree for every Facebook like they get!

Try out out their hosting here.

Badges at PolyEster Books

Untitled-2 (1)Polyester is an iconic Melbourne underground book store, stocking books you won’t find on eBay, Amazon or your local library.

They also offer a range of funky badges for $2.50 so go have a browse and walk out with a piece of Melbourne’s history.

Have a browse.

Sim Adapter from Project Grey

simadapter (2)A sim adapter from Project Grey makes it possible to convert your sim from nano to micro to standard. This is great for swapping phones your sim between phones which take different sizes.

Project Grey are also offering a site-wide 15% discount for all CoinJar customers using the discount code “COINJAR”.

Get your sim adapter here.

So go do some retail therapy, support some merchants and take a few mBTC out for a spin.