CoinJar Stories

JB & cat

CoinJar Stories: John Bishop & PetRescue

Self-confessed IT geek John Bishop co-founded animal welfare charity PetRescue over beers with friends one evening in 2003. After a career in IT John sought out an opportunity to use

CoinJar Stories: Jemma Green & Power Ledger

It was during her previous career in finance that Jemma Green discovered her passion for sustainability. After calling it quits at JP Morgan, Jemma came up with the idea to open up an energy market that would allow users to trade renewable energy between one another.

Emma Weston Agridigital

CoinJar Stories: Emma Weston & AgriDigital

Former lawyer and experienced grain farmer Emma Weston co-founded AgriDigital in 2015, with the goal to solve the current problems facing the agricultural supply chains with blockchain technology.

Nugget's News

CoinJar Stories: Alex Saunders & Nugget’s News

As Australia’s most popular cryptocurrency YouTuber, Alex Saunders’ own digital currency journey was prompted by a 50% loss in a more traditional investment choice — the stock market.

CoinJar Stories: Pete Williams & Deloitte Australia

As one of Australia’s leading experts in digital culture and trends, Pete Williams is amazed at the possibilities and promises of bitcoin.

CoinJar Stories: Chris McLoughlin, Earth & Sky Organics

What started as a simple plan to sell organic produce for bitcoin has turned into a movement to provide security for farmers. And that’s just the beginning.

CoinJar Stories: Auryn Macmillan & Melbourne United

While on tour, a basketballer found a technology that reflects his values of decentralisation and social responsibility.

CoinJar Stories: Nhial Majok & TagPesa

When Nhial Majok discovered bitcoin, he started a company that hopes to break down economic barriers across the developing world.

CoinJar Stories: Crystal Fong, Apostrophe

Our customers are global – they’re entrepreneurs, early adopters, makers, and builders.

One of them is Crystal Fong, founder of Apostrophe Copywriters, a Melbourne-based copywriting collective now expanding into Japan. The first time she used bitcoin wasn’t for speculative or ideological purposes, but simply because it solved a problem for her.

CoinJar Stories: Nick Jaffe, Electron Workshop

Electron Workshop is a co-working space where creatives, developers, and artists share resources to make things happen. It’s an energetic and exciting place.