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CoinJar fee reduction and feature update

Dynamic BTC fee CoinJar has introduced an all-new dynamic fee for all outgoing BTC transactions to replace the existing 0.0005 BTC flat fee. As a result, CoinJar users should expect

CoinJar Exchange fees are being reduced from today!

This means 30-day volume tiers below $1m for users in Australia and £600,000 for users in the UK will benefit from our new reduced fees. Taker fees will be lowered

CoinJar and CoinTracker, partners for easier tax reporting

Let’s face it, crypto tax reporting is a pain. You might have even stopped trading altogether now that you have to spend extra effort to keep your records up to

Start trading in GBP on CoinJar

We are incredibly excited to announce that CoinJar is now welcoming back members in the United Kingdom! You can sign in or open a CoinJar, complete ID verification and begin

0% fees for stablecoin trades

We are celebrating 7 years, with 7 days of 0% fees for stablecoin trades. This week CoinJar turns seven! To celebrate, over the next seven days CoinJar members can enjoy

DAI is now available for trading on CoinJar!

We’re excited to welcome Maker Dai to CoinJar! Dai is now available to buy and sell through the CoinJar platform, joining USDC, BAT, 0x and many other cryptocurrencies that users

COVID-19: An update for our members

The effects of the Coronavirus COVID-19 have been felt globally – including crypto markets and the broader economy. We’d like to provide an update on how CoinJar is operating through

Making the List

A message from the CEO: why we’re not listing BSV any time soon. If there’s one question we get more than any other here at CoinJar, it’s “why haven’t you

The new CoinJar app for Android. Buy, sell & send crypto in-app.

For a limited time: Download the all-new CoinJar app for Android today and apply to receive a free Swipe (EFTPOS) Card, valued at $29. We’re incredibly excited to announce our

The new CoinJar app for iOS

We’re incredibly excited to announce our latest major update to the CoinJar app for iOS! Back in 2015 we released the original CoinJar app at the start of the cryptocurrency