• The best bitcoin I’ve ever spent

    · Community, Opinion

    I’ve bought a lot of stuff with bitcoin. Coffee, groceries, clothes… all very necessary but also quite ordinary. Last week, I signed up for a membership at Hubud, a co-working space in Bali and I paid for it with bitcoin. It was honestly the best bitcoin purchase I’ve ever made. Why? The membership was priced… Read More

  • A bitcoin night out with Tatiana Moroz

    · Events

    When Tatiana dropped by Melbourne for The Bitcoin Address in November, it was a great excuse for a girls’ night out – but with bitcoin! I met Tatiana right outside Grumpy’s Green, a charming, bitcoin-friendly pub familiar to the local Melbourne music scene. She bounces out of her cab with a cheery smile, laughs about her… Read More

  • Andreas M. Antonopoulos at The Bitcoin Address

    · Events, People

    We were lucky enough to host international speakers Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Pamela Morgan and Tatiana Moroz at Australia’s largest Bitcoin meetup for 2014, The Bitcoin Address. The free and open-to-public event ran over two days in two cities, with over 370 attendees and thousands of livestream viewers worldwide. A key highlight of #TBA14 was a… Read More

  • Andreas M. Antonopoulos visits Down Under

    · Community

    Join us for our highlight event of the year and hear from the brightest minds in the bitcoin community. It’s free, it’s open to the public and it’s catered. CoinJar is proud to present The Bitcoin Address in Melbourne and Sydney in conjunction with partners College Cryptocurrency Network and Bitcoin Association of Australia. The event… Read More

  • Highlights from the MAP bitcoin workshop

    · Community, Events

    Ryan, CoinJar co-founder, hosted the first session of a bitcoin workshop series by the Melbourne Accelerator Program last week. Ryan presented on the Bitcoin ecosystem and how its technology makes Bitcoin a secure way of transmitting value over the internet. The workshop’s highlight was the Q&A session – almost every single attendee had a question,… Read More