• The return of monetary politics

    · Opinion

    In March, the UK government formally announced plans to welcome and regulate digital currency activity in the UK. The promise of research funding, police training, and pragmatic regulation are welcome first steps, but to what end? The focus in this area tends to fall on questions of innovation, competition, crime, and jobs, but there may… Read More

  • How digital money will include the unbanked

    · Opinion

    Basic financial services are more expensive and exclusive than they need to be.  If we can strip digital finance down into a lightweight, near-free service, we can offer it to everybody, including those currently excluded from the sector. Approximately half of the adult world does not have a bank account.  Billions rely on cash and… Read More

  • Our UK submission to the HM Treasury

    · Company

    On 3 December, we made a submission in response to the UK government’s economic and finance ministry’s call for information on digital currencies. In an effort to make Britain the global centre of financial innovation, the HM Treasury’s consultation focussed the function of digital currencies as a payment method, rather than as a speculative investment. As published… Read More

  • What’s next for CoinJar

    · Announcements

    As a company in an emerging industry we have faced many challenges, especially in the recent months. The CoinJar team is agile and adaptable, and we’re confident in our future plans to keep CoinJar efficient and useful for our users. We also remain dedicated and focussed on creating innovative products. I look forward to the coming… Read More

  • Meet the Team – Asher

    · People

    Happy birthday CoinJar! Over the past twelve months Ryan and I, as founders, have had the good fortune of watching our company grow into one of Australia’s successful startups. Along the way, we’ve built a talented team and developed a dedicated following amongst our customers. It’s been a fantastic first year. You may already be… Read More