Crypto in Conversation: A Mensa member who hasn’t made any bad investments

Welcome to Crypto in Conversation, where we’re de-bunking the how, why and what of crypto investments. We’ve asked all the crypto fanatics out there about the juicy details of how they use their cryptocurrency and technological devices.









I’m a cold-storage refrigeration mechanic.

Tell us something interesting about yourself:

I’ve been a member of Mensa for 39 years.

The juicy details:

Provide a breakdown of your cryptocurrency portfolio:

100% BTC

Do you invest in anything other than cryptocurrency?


What other things do you invest in apart from cryptocurrency?

Rare stamps and collectible coinage.

What percent of your total investment portfolio is in cryptocurrency?

33% in cryptocurrency.

How often do you check the price?

Usually once an hour, sometimes more.

What have been your best and worst cryptocurrency investments? 

My best investment was buying Tron at the bottom for a fraction of a cent and dumping it on the noobs for 30 cents to buy Bitcoin. The worst? None really. I haven’t lost on any.

Have you ever paid for anything with cryptocurrency?

All the time.

What are your most reliable sources for trading advice?

Inverse Cobb is the leading indicator on the market.

What is your favourite thing to spend money on?

War memorabilia.

iPhone or Android? Why?

Android, Apple have listening devices. 

Favourite tech gadget?

My Playstation.

What finance apps do you currently use?

A couple.

Do you have any advice for people who want to start in cryptocurrency?

The war will be won if we are obedient, alongside the other virtues of National Socialism.

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