Now supporting Zcash (ZEC)

We’re excited to share that CoinJar now supports Zcash (ZEC).

Using CoinJar, you can now:


“We are incredibly selective over which assets we add and feel that Zcash is a meaningful addition to our existing portfolio of four digital assets. At this time, we will only support Zcash transparent addresses, but we aim to adopt and support shielded addresses at the first opportunity,”
– Asher Tan, CEO, CoinJar.


Zcash is a decentralised and open-source cryptocurrency that provides the option to keep transaction information completely private. It does this by using zero-knowledge proofs – a way for the Zcash blockchain to validate transactions, without having to disclose the data within. Learn more about Zcash in our Beginner’s Guide to Digital Currency.

To buy Zcash using Australian Dollars, sign in to your CoinJar and add a Zcash account.