Meet the team – Zhoe

People are curious about digital finance and they’re demanding more information, tools and resources. As part of the Marketing team, I’m looking forward to CoinJar being a leader in this space and an active participant in the conversation.

Over the next year, it is my goal that we are clear and consistent in all CoinJar communications, from our blog to our interactions with you on social media. As a consumer-focussed company, we’ll be making sure that we stay relevant and useful to you too.

You’ll also be seeing a lot more of us, as we grow the CoinJar brand and strengthen our voice in the finance industry. After all, we are advocates of disruptive innovation and big supporters of the underdog.

I am thrilled to be joining the team behind CoinJar because of its people, the products and service it offers and what it represents. Beyond being a digital currency, digital finance presents the opportunity for greater accessibility, empowerment and freedom in a global scale. And it is exciting that as Australia’s leading bitcoin company, CoinJar is in a prime position to play a part in making this a reality.