Books I bought at Polyester’s Bitcoin Sale


We are really excited about the Coinables merchant program running in Melbourne at the moment. There are tonnes of merchants running special deals and promotions for bitcoin. I’m a huge fan of Polyester Books, Melbourne’s oldest running underground book store, so when they told me they were doing a 15% discount when you paid with bitcoin I loaded up my hot wallet, hopped on the tram and hit the books.


Polyester – an underground treasure

Polyester is a visual cacophony of colour, ideas, ideologies, humour and the grotesque. Books on wizardry and party-favours sit flush with books about Anthony Kiedis and meditation. This isn’t a place pushing an agenda, it’s a platform where left-of-centre authors can have their voice heard.

  Check out their catalogue and save 15% when you pay with bitcoin


My Haul

Final Total – 540mBTC
After bitcoin discount – 460mBTC
Saving – 80mBTC
Free stickers – priceless

Dads are the Original Hipsters

ahipstarAs a flower child with a dad who plays flute, rides a bike and repurposes building materials for his bush house, this book resonated pretty seriously with me.  I looked back and suddenly realised I wasn’t being fashion forward, I was just imitating the coolest dude I know.  Frankly I’ll never have a beard as cool as him, or look as good in jorts, but hey, we do our best.

Adventure Time Encyclopedia

amailorderSpeaking of hipsters, any hipster worth their salt is basically obsessed with Adventure Time.  We all get together at our warehouse parties and just whisper choice lines from it.  Now, with this, I’ll be able to out-hipster my friend who walks his tortoise while riding his penny farthing bicycle.  Seriously, this is a cute little number “written” by the Lord of The Nightosphere, annotated by the two lead characters, Finn and Jake.  Love it.

Mail-Order Mysteries


This is a bit of a leaf-through novelty for the coffee table.  Of course I’ve now got to go buy a coffee table but that’s the price you pay I guess.  It’s full of all the snake oil, X-Ray specs and muscle enhancer advertisements that could be found in the comic books of the past.  Things like this make me wonder what advertisements and products our children will look back on and say “I can’t believe these idiots fell for that”.   I’ve got a few ideas but I can’t say them because that’d be defamation.

The Freeing of Jonathon Mark

ahandsActually haven’t read this book or heard of the author, just caught my eye.  It’s a book about a futuristic form of therapist who’s job is to sit completely still and absorb all the anger and hatred of the client, who then walks off light and bubbly.  The therapist’s life is thrown into disaray after meeting a truly happy client and realising the burden that he has opted to carry.  I pretty much just liked the picture, and you know what they say – “make sure you judge a book by its cover”.

David Thorne – I’ll Go Home Then; It’s Warm and Has Chairs – The Unpublished Emails

adavidAny internet humorist worth their salt is familiar with David Thorne; renowned for being one of the most stubborn, hilarious graphic designers alive.  He takes pride in avenging every frustrated graphic artist by twisting the wishes of clients like some sort of cartoon genie.  He takes pride in messing with his agency boss and is generally exceptional at trolling.  You may have seen his legendary attempt to pay his bills with a drawing of a six legged spider.

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

aPCThis was actually purchased at the request of my girlfriend, who had it as a child.  It’s a pretty hilarious politically correct retelling of old fairytales.  The quintessential tale featured on the cover is “Little Red Riding Hood” for example.  Little Red Riding hood forgives the wolf for eating her grandma because he’s a carnivore.   The woodsman bursts in and they chastise him for assuming that “womyn and wolves can’t solve their own problems without a man’s help”. Love it.

Radical Melbourne 2 – The Enemy within

aradicalThis is a history of last century’s resistance, underground movements and challenges to authority in my home town, Melbourne.  The fact is that since humans figured out how to talk we’ve been bossing each other round, saying no, scuffling about it, then obfuscating it from mainstream media coverage.  It’s amazing reading about some of the unionist, racial and political movements that happened under our largely suburban noses.

The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla

atestlaTelsa is history’s original Bad Luck Bryan.  He basically invented the world as we know it, but died sad and alone in a hotel room, in love with a pigeon.  If you think of Thomas Edison as Steve Jobs and Tesla as Wozniak you get the picture. This book pays homage to the amazing things he built and the stupendous legacy he left us. If this is the first you’ve heard of Telsa, please absorb this amazing Oatmeal profile of him. 

The Underachiever’s Manifesto

AunderachieverThis book was something I think I needed to read.  It pushes a creed of lowering your bar, setting your sights low, and settling for less.  As a hyper overachiever who, at this very moment, appears to be working on the weekend (it’s Saturday and I’m working on a blog for work so yeah… whoops), getting told to just chill out is pretty useful.   Also love the typefaces and presentation.

Along the Far Climb Down

awhodis?Honestly not a hundred percent sure what to make of this.  It caught my eye immediately, is hand signed by the author and is a self-published series of rambling, seemingly disconnected vignettes.  From bikini babes, to memories of a hallucinated college experience that never happened because he never went to college… honestly I couldn’t make this stuff up.  I’m fairly certain if I read this correctly I will find illuminati so I’m pretty committed to getting through it.

The Tao of Wu

awutangThe biography of The Rza, founder of the prolific Wu-Tang clan.  Discussing the spiritual side of hip hop, Pop Culture reverence and his own experiences.  I’m a massive fan of Wu-Tang and have huge amounts of respect for performers like these, so I eat up any of their personal reflections.  They’ve got a new album coming out soon so I also wanted to bone up on my Wu-Tang trivia.

Final Thoughts

I tend to live under the bridge of the internet, and don’t get out to shop in person too often.  The visceral feeling of leafing through all this literature, comedic, scandalous and useful as it was, is something you can’t replicate.  I also got to have a good chat with Adam, who works at Polyester, and it really reminded me how amazing bitcoin was.  A self organising network of value that we, as a community, have decided has a certain worth and are willing to exchange for goods and services without the blessing of anyone but the consensus.  Using it to buy subversive and eccentric literature just seemed incredibly fitting.

Go buy something weird at polyester now.