CoinJar Stories: Nick Jaffe, Electron Workshop

Electron Workshop is a co-working space where creatives, developers, and artists share resources to make things happen. It’s an energetic and exciting place.

There are retro game characters tiled into the walls, beanbags and bikes next to high-end hardware, and a vibe of focused creativity radiating from every brick. It almost seems to have taken on the persona of Nick – the founder of the space – whose desk is cluttered with projects, toys and gadgets.

Nick is prolific in Melbourne’s tech scene. Alongside Electron Workshop, he’s also co-founded Serversaurus, a carbon neutral web hosting service. Serversaurus also plants a tree for every Facebook like they get. Both these businesses accept bitcoin.

“We started accepting it for fun. That was ultimately the only reason we had at the time. Now, we have a handful of customers that pay with bitcoin.”
CoinJar gives Nick a simple method to integrate bitcoin into his business. “I’ve been wanting to accept bitcoin for awhile and we looked at some of the solutions to do that and there was nothing that was viable. CoinJar was the first viable solution to do it. CoinJar is local and has an API that was simple to develop with. It’s about locality, trust, and auto conversion into Australian dollars.”
For Nick, bitcoin isn’t a political revolution; it’s an interesting new technology that provides a more efficient way of transacting value. With greater adoption, he sees it as becoming incredibly useful, especially for people that have to work with multiple currencies.Nick sees CoinJar as a vital component to bitcoin adoption, making it easier to convert, manage and use bitcoin. “The more that companies work on the problem of holding bitcoins and changing them into different currencies, the faster bitcoin will be adopted. As companies like CoinJar work on these problems, bitcoin becomes better for the rest of us.”The fact that, around the world, hundreds of thousands of people like Nick are tinkering with the blockchain, exploring, and building cool new experiences gets us very excited. Who knows what Nick, and people like him, will build next?

“As companies like CoinJar work on these problems, bitcoin becomes better for the rest of us.”