Invite a friend to CoinJar and you’ll both get $5

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We know you love CoinJar, and you want to spread the bitcoin love. So invite a friend and you’ll both get $5 dollars worth of bitcoin when they get set up and identified.


How it Works

Sign in to your CoinJar account. (Or sign up if you’re new.)

Click the Filler tab at the top of your CoinJar.

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Click ‘Invite a friend’ at the bottom of the left hand menu.

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Give this code to your mates!

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Help spread the word about bitcoin and get your friends started today.



  1. Excellent service, Highly recommend Coinjar!
    Take advantage of this great incentive by claiming your $5 dollars, follow this link now [redacted]

  2. Danny

    I’m not currently a member but heard about this from another website. Is CoinJar exclusively for Australians? Also, if I just sign up without a referral will I still get the $5?

    1. Hey Danny, thanks for the questions.

      The CoinJar (wallet) service is open to anybody over 18, world wide. The Filler service (converting Australian dollars to bitcoin, and vice versa) requires an Australian bank account if you wish to deposit or withdraw currency from CoinJar.

      You need to sign up via a referral link in order to receive the AUD $5.00 referral credit. There are plenty of people posting their referral links on social media. A quick search on Twitter should help you find a referral link you can use.

      All the best!


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