Pledge Bitcoin, Kill Zombies.

IRL Shooter are a group that recreates the zombie outbreak experience in the most terrifying way. After a successful run of game events in 2013, they’re back with a new, ambitious game. They’re currently raising funds on Pozible, and they need your help.

In 2013, IRL Shooter made headlines after hiring a warehouse, decking it out like a hospital and filling it with over 50 actors. They then threw Melbournians into a terrifyingly fun zombie outbreak scenario. Players had to work together as a team to blast their way out of the hospital.

Now IRL Shooter need your help to bring the experience back to life. Their Pozible campaign has raised over $200k so far and now they’ve started accepting bitcoin pledges.

Pledges will receive a ticket and, depending on the level, they include a whole range of power-ups and bonuses. Last time this event came around it sold out quickly; this is your chance to get in early and secure your spot at a truly unique event.


With lighter weaponry, more efficient infrared, more terrifying bosses, in-game power-ups, and a slew of new features, this is IRL Shooter at the next level.

We got to have a chat with the guys at IRL HQ. They are all massive gamers and said that they set out to create the ultimate gaming experience.


From the last round they said the biggest issues were the weight of the guns. People were having trouble carrying them and they didn’t feel like true weaponry.

They have since imported realistic infrared semi-automatics and Glocks, with smart clips that track how many shots were fired and unleash a blast of CO2 to simulate the pushback and sound.


They are also doing some creative things with infrared technology giving the next boss telekinetic powers.

Our Growth Strategist, Sam, had the opportunity to test out the “pain belt”, a belt that you can opt to wear that gives you a little shock when you get bitten. You get achievements in this game, one of them is to play the entire game with pain level maxed to 5.

Sam got to level 4 before he wimped out.

Go test your survival skills in what has been touted as the most realistic gaming experience to date whilst supporting Melbourne creatives, and, best of all, pay with bitcoin.