Meet the Team – Asher

Happy birthday CoinJar! Over the past twelve months Ryan and I, as founders, have had the good fortune of watching our company grow into one of Australia’s successful startups. Along the way, we’ve built a talented team and developed a dedicated following amongst our customers. It’s been a fantastic first year.

You may already be familiar with some of our team members through our Meet the Team series. Although there are new faces in the CoinJar family, primary cultural themes have remained. We strive to be professional, human and flexible – both internally, and towards our customers. I want this culture to remain as an integral part of us through our journey.

Early readings suggested to me that, “being the best in the world is seriously underrated”. While the benchmark for bitcoin companies is low, that does not excuse us from striving to be exceptional. We are designing and building on the forefront of financial technology. While we’re at it, we also want to be a great company to work at. We want to deliver world class experiences to everyone we work with – our customers, partners and employees.

Whether it is Andrew, our Support Lead, advocating more consistent support response times, or our Creative Director, Cade, looking to humanise the way we interact with financial interfaces, it’s been clear to me since day one that our products should be in a distinctively different class from everything out there. Being a profitable company would not be a source of pride if I wasn’t personally excited by what we build at CoinJar.

Payments and usage of money are a daily activity that we take for granted. We want users to love and be surprised by our products and services and, from this, build a personal relationship with our company. Because of bitcoin and the blockchain, we collectively have the opportunity to achieve this. As our Engineering Team, lead by Aron, refines the stability and security of our products, our goal of being the industry leader becomes closer every day.

Thanks for journeying with CoinJar this far – I hope you continue to follow us as we enter our second year of operations.

Asher Tan
Chief Executive Officer