Customer Support Update

Six weeks ago I wrote a post containing a frank assessment of CoinJar Customer Support. In summary, my assessment was that we had a long way to go before achieving our aim of delivering exceptional support to everybody, every time.

We’ve made some advances over the past six weeks. I acknowledge that we are still in the early stages of our journey to exceptional support. Meanwhile I want to give you some insight in to our progress and provide some details of our future plans.

New Team Members

The most significant change we’ve made in recent weeks is the addition of two new Support team members. Adrian and Chris both joined us in April and have been coming up to speed quickly; if you’ve contacted Support in the past week you’ve likely interacted with these guys.

Adrian, an ex Apple Genius, has joined the team as a full time Support Rep. Having spent the last five years providing support for the largest mobile device manufacturer on the planet, Adrian has seen first hand the benefits of exceptional customer service. He’s now focused on bringing that same level of attention and care to CoinJar, believing that a company can truly be measured not only by their amazing services and products, but by the support they provide to back them up.

Chris, a familiar face in the CoinJar Support space, was providing community support to other CoinJar customers since late 2013. He has now officially joined us to provide extended coverage until 8:00 PM Melbourne time. Chris is an experienced systems administrator with a strong passion for new and emerging open source technologies. This passion, combined with an interest in global currency trading, has provided him with a strong foundation to provide quality customer support to CoinJar customers.

Extended Support Hours

Having Adrian and Chris on board has allowed us to make another important change; extended support hours.

CoinJar Customer Support is now available:

The above times are specified in Melbourne (winter) time. Click the times to convert to your local timezone using

As well as having people available at more convenient times, we are getting faster at answering tickets. Gone are the days of waiting 3 business days for a response to your query or issue. We will provide more specific details about our support timeframes in the coming weeks.

Public Support Forums

You may have noticed we’ve recently turned off the public features on our Support forums.

There were two driving factors behind this decision:

  1. Some customers were inadvertently providing private information in public tickets. Customer privacy is extremely important to us and turning off public forums was the most effective way to prevent customers from unknowingly uploading private details in the public arena.
  2. We are moving to a new Support tool. Tender, our current Support tool, is primarily a discussion forum rather than a ticketing system. To provide more streamlined support, and prepare for future expansion, we are transitioning to a top tier provider. We will provide more information on this transition in the coming weeks.

While public forums are no longer offered in our Support tool, you are always welcome to engage with us publicly on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m happy with the changes we’ve made in the past month, and I’m really excited for what’s still to come.

Support Lead