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It’s an incredible time to be a part of the bitcoin industry in Australia right now. Last year I moved from New York City to Melbourne and soon after joined CoinJar Support. Over these few months I was at the the front lines of bitcoin, observing the way our customers interact with CoinJar. This experience has shaped my approach and made me realise that humanising bitcoin is key to its success. While CoinJar grew from a team of 3 to 10, my role transitioned from support to Happiness Engineer – cultivating customer and team happiness. 

Part of engineering happiness for our customers is being transparent on what’s happening within CoinJar and the bitcoin community. If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you’ll see me sharing news and helping people in our community. At the end of the week I send out CoinJar Weekly, our once-a-week digest of developments in the digital economy.

In the technical world of bitcoin our customers value trustworthiness and transparency. I work with Andrew, our Support Lead, Cade, our Creative Director, Aron, our Engineering Lead, and Sam, our Growth Strategist, to instil these values at the core of CoinJar.

A strong emotional company culture results in better internal transparency and personal responsibility. If we have these qualities as our core internal values they will reflect to our customers. I’ve started 5 minute bursts of meditation and breathing exercises with the team to help us unwind and reset our awareness.

We also use our work tools to celebrate success. We have a dedicated Yammer channel called #LittleWins, a group where we celebrate our achievements at work and in our personal lives. Taking a moment to celebrate good work keeps motivation high and has laid the foundation of a close-knit team. It’s been humbling to see and experience this collaboration over the past few months and I’m excited to continue to explore new opportunities and watch the results.

Be a part of our adventure through Twitter, Facebook and CoinJar Weekly. Reach out and say hello! I look forward to learning with you. 

Anne Wu
Happiness Engineer

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  1. Keith van Dijk

    Hi Anne,
    Very interesting read, especially the part about moving from NYC, must have been a bit of a culture shock.
    Grew up in Melb., it still is the best place to live in Australia, food, entertainment etc., 2 of my kids still live there, work necessitated me moving to SA and I’m happy here.

    Love dealing with CJ, been giving you guys lots of good press (check out Weavers Reply on Reditt) so your happiness engineering is working out in the community as well.

    Keep up the good work and Thank You,

    Keith v.

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