Meet the Team – James

As one of the newest members of the CoinJar team, I am often asked why I left the security of the corporate world to join a startup.

My previous role was with Deloitte in External Audit. I worked there for 3 years and obtained my Chartered Accountant qualification. My decision to change was not made overnight, however as I reflect, I would have to say the main reason was for me to find my passion in life.

I believe in innovative and disruptive technologies that are born to serve a cause or purpose. CoinJar does this by providing people around the world with the ability to transfer wealth easily and cheaply. This shared vision is what attracted me to CoinJar in the first place.

I’ve taken on the role of Finance Manager as of last week, and am excited to have the opportunity to be part of the CoinJar journey. I aim to have a positive impact to the business by ensuring best practices are adopted. This includes financial controls, regular audits and transparent governance. This means you can have confidence that your money is safe and secure.

A big part of my plan is to maintain trust with our customers and stakeholders. To build this we will be engaging a global professional services firm to conduct an audit of our business later this year.

I’m excited about contributing to best practices for bitcoin businesses as part of our quest to make bitcoin the people’s currency.

James Elia
Finance Manager


  1. Very good to meet you last night, James–

    Very interesting to learn about your background, hear your thoughts and other ambitions for the future.
    We definitely took allot away from our conversation.

    Best of luck on the new role.


  2. Hey James, congratulations on the new role. Coinjar have made a great appointment. Your integrity, exceptional work ethic and professionalism will undoubtedly help propel Coinjar to the dizzy heights of bitcoin currency use around the globe.

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