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I believe in bitcoin. The protocol is something that caught my attention early 2013 and immediately set my imagination on fire. It’s decentralised, trust-less and something that can’t be tampered with. Then I find out it’s all secured with the power of math? Sign me up!

Back then, things were a lot less developed than they are now. It was impossible to find non-technical information on bitcoin. It was even more difficult trying to trade it. During this hunt, I discovered CoinJar. No more uncomfortable purchases, no more dropping my money off at a bank and hoping for the best. Here was a company with a personal touch (I could meet the CEO at a meetup), a product that worked and an ethos I believed in.

I first joined as a contractor (paid in bitcoin of course), managing their ad traffic and digital strategy. I knew that I was making it easier for people in Australia that searched for bitcoin to find something that worked. That felt good. I then joined CoinJar full time in November last year.

My focus is now on growth – not just for CoinJar, but for bitcoin adoption in Australia. CoinJar may be easy to find when people search ‘bitcoin Australia’ online, but we know we need to get more people searching for it in the first place.

As CoinJar grows, a large part of our future focus must be on merchants and their infrastructure. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our business customers to accept bitcoin so people have a seamless experience spending their bitcoins. We’re ramping up efforts to reach more businesses and create opportunities for them to find new customers.

There are also huge efficiencies in the protocol that we can pass on to our business customers. We currently offer next day remittance and 0.5% fees, which makes us appealing to businesses who want to accept bitcoin. All these things are possible because when someone pays in bitcoin, there is no settlement time for us.

Our Growth team is working closely with Creative to roll out new products and campaigns that help us achieve this goal. It’s been happening at an incredible pace. Over the past few months we’ve gotten people to shoot zombies for bitcoins, taught high school kids about bitcoin, helped introduce the first Australian Bitcoin ATM and sponsored meetups.

By building a robust ecosystem and raising education on bitcoin, we’re helping our customers grow with us. As a result, the bitcoin community will enjoy the full benefits of the Bitcoin protocol.

Tweet me @samueltates or come say hi at a meetup, I’m always keen to talk bitcoin and how we can help it grow.

Samuel Tate
Growth Strategist


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