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CoinJar has enjoyed rapid growth over the last six months. The expansion of our business to tens of thousands of customers means there are many more requests for support. Right now, we are not keeping up.

We are slow to answer tickets. Customers often don’t know if a request has been read. From the outside we sometimes seem like big, silent, non-transparent entity. For a company that handles your dollars and bitcoins, that’s not good enough.

It doesn’t matter what industry a company operates in, Support forms a core part of its foundation. In over a decade in Support, I have seen that bad support leaves customers feeling frustrated, angry and distrustful of the organisation. This has the potential to grind a business to a halt.

The opposite is also true. Great support empowers customers and can give the most maddening experience a positive ending. I’ve seen frustrated people turned into loyal customers because they felt truly listened to and valued as a result.

This has been my goal at CoinJar since I joined five weeks ago. I left my previous role at Microsoft, as the Asia Pacific Support Lead for Yammer, to join CoinJar because I want to create a world class Support team. Today we are not living up to our customers’ expectations, but I’m excited for where we’re about to take things.

We are already making decisive moves. You may have noticed that we are currently advertising a Customer Support role. We’re going to respond to support requests much faster than we are currently by bringing on great people and improving our Support systems. Where possible, we are working with Engineering and Design to address specific customer issues. In the future, we’ll be more transparent and more personal.

In the turbulent world of Bitcoin, we want to be exceptional. Exceptional not only means “outstanding”, we actually aim to be the exception to the industry norm. This means that, when you deal with CoinJar Support, you can expect interactions to be consistently prompt, personal, professional and complete.

To borrow a phrase from a ’90s Pantene ad, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Expect to see big changes in the coming months. These steps are being taken now.

Support Lead



    Dear Andrew,

    It is really interesting to see that you left Microsoft to collaborate with the Coinjar team to build a solid business. Well done for your courage and the job you’re doing at Coinjar, there is of course so much more to be done.

    I realise Coinjar is at its foundation stages and whatever is done now will play a big part of how it will shape the future for the Bitcoin community. I wish to be part of that success story. Kindly inform me of where my services may be needed the most. I am currently undergoing an MSc programme in a UK University and will be due to graduate in September. I have some years of experience in client-facing roles, customer support and most importantly, I am a believer in the Bitcoin innovation. I may have said too much already!

    Thank you for your time Andrew. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,

    Joshua Oki

    1. Hi Joshua, there are a few jobs currently posted on our blog under the Jobs category. Please take a look and feel free to apply if any take your fancy.


    Great post Andrew. I really appreciate the honesty. If you are look for a cloud base Customer Services solution, please let me know. I work for, and prior to that I was working for Microsoft (just like you). I’m so happy to hear the customer service is top priority in a business that is dealing with people’s hard earned money, it’s very important.

    1. Thanks Mark. While we’re not looking to make any immediate changes to our support software I will keep you in mind for future consideration!

  3. Craig

    Hi Andrew. My wife And I became aware of Coinjar through a recommendation from Andreas Antonopolous and and
    I like your explanation of service times particularly as I was extremely frustrated by not being able to see posted obvious bank deposit details. I appreciated the rapid email response from your team. When I saw how your process of generating a custom pdf deposit form was, I was more than impressed. In past businesses where I have been the IT guy and graphic artist I had been trying to figure out a similar facility myself so I know at what level of automation and technicality you must be running at. Also congrats on getting an Unconference going. Please consider webcasting or Skyping as I need the info but may not be able to attend on such short notice – especially interested in security of paper and online wallets and the layering of products and services through Etherium. Pass on a well done to the technical team. Regards Craig

  4. Adam Smith

    I may well have been one of those customers who was transformed from someone quite frustrated into loyal customers because I felt listened to.

    I believe that the CoinJar Team has a very high degree of integrity and honesty (particularly in these “Wild West” early years) and that’s why I have stuck with them.

    Be sure to let us know when CoinJar might be thinking of floating a part of the company – I’d love to be a shareholder one day….

    Best of luck Guys (and Gals)

  5. Keith van Dijk

    Hi Andrew, great post.
    I think I’ve only had one support issue early on, which was resolved immediately , been a happy little vegemite ever since.

    Work commitments and distance, preclude me from attending meet ups, will you consider at some stage producing audio/video podcasts, similar to the LTB network, of the CJ meet ups/conferences etc.
    It would be interesting to get an Australian perspective from Bitcoin entrepreneurs/innovators/merchants and users, probably not a support question, but I thought I’d throw it in the mix.
    Keep up the good work,

    Keith v

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